Plant Historian SB

Electronic Shift Book

Plant Historian SB - Shift Book

Digital Collection and Documentation of Shift Events - also as Web Version available


The MES-Software Plant Historian SB - Shift Book - provides audit-proof and complete shift information recording along the entire production chain. Its use will lead to a reduced time for data acquisition, research and reporting, to an increase in process quality, optimized machine utilization and reduced error-related costs.


digital - complete - time saving

electronic shift book, documentation of shift events
Plant Historian SB - Shift Book - digital collection and documentation of shift events
Plant Historian SB – Shift Book

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Plant Historian SB – Shift Book

Digital and efficient recording and documentation of shift events:

  • Impoved overview and handling
  • Reduced effort for data entry, research and reporting
  • Increase in quality
  • Statistical evaluations through classification of error sources and recording of
    proposed solutions
  • Use of a multilingual, company-wide uniform data acquisition platform saves IT costs
  • Simple operation (entry of text modules, spell checking)

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  • Improved overview and handling
  • Reduced acquisition, research and reporting effort
  • Increase in quality
  • Statistical evaluation by classifying error sources and recording proposed solutions
  • Using a multilingual, company-wide uniform acquisition platform saves IT costs
  • Simple handling (recording of text modules, spell checking)

Core Features

Documentation and collecting of shift information and events
Individual generation of shift schedules
Automatic recording of standby operations or incidents
Manual shift book entry option
Shift books for all locations in one system
Hierarchic reporting function
Support for effective local or general reporting
Secure electronic filing/compliance
All changes, including time stamp and operator, are saved in an audit-proof way
Guaranteed traceability of the shift history and shift changes


  • Independence of platform and operating system
  • Possibility of data acquisition onsite in the plant, even without any network connection, but with subsequent synchronization
  • No installation of the application necessary, automatic updates when starting the application

Display of operation-relevant documents like shift or change protocols on mobile devices

Display of the web shift book on a mobile device