Plant Historian RDA

Global remote Access to Machines and Plants

Plant Historian RDA - Remote Data Access

Worldwide remote Access to Machines and Plants

Many plant engineers know about the problem:  Especially during warranty periods, immediate reaction to occurring problems is required. Normally, this means that engineers have to identify the problem and evaluate the situation on site.

For this cost-intensive step requiring manpower and time, Plant Historian RDA - Remote Data Access - offers a solution that identifies the problem remotely. Per remote diagnosis it is possible to decide how much manpower and which material is necessary or whether a remote solution is possible without any staff deployment on site.

Application areas:  plate heat exchangers, paint lines, burner controls and much more.

Plant overview remote equipment
Plant overview remote equipment

savings with regard to personnel / ressources / costs


  • Increased plant availability / security due to early error detection
  • Efficient deployment of staff and cost-saving: regular control of the plant status without any personal attendance on site
  • ƒReduced downtimes as a result of remote ad hoc plant analysis 

Core Features

  • Worldwide remote access to equipment and plants
  • Error reporting from remote plants
  • ƒArchiving and analysis of process data from remote plants

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