Plant Historian PTT

Traceability of Process Data

Plant Historian PTT - Production Tracking & Tracing

Tracking & Tracing - Traceability of Process Data


WHAT was produced WHEN, WHERE and HOW?

This question will be answered by the tracking&tracing solution Plant Historian PTT. This system is mounted on transport units (lift trucks, electric pallet trucks etc.). It will record, document and control material withdrawals and accompanies the material through the entire production process.

Recorded paramters like date, time, weight, temperature and information on the production units are checked for plausibility - thus preventing the material from getting to the wrong production unit. 

Traceability of process data, Tracking & Tracing
Plant Historian PTT - Production Tracking & Tracing - Traceability of process data

goods movements - fast, visible and traceable



  • More efficient logistic processes: tracking & tracing (traceability) – traceability of the recorded process data
  • Almost error-free material flow
  • Planning and control of the material flow
  • Right material with the given process parameters – quantity and quality – (e.g. temperature, quantity etc.)  to the right production unit
  • Process reliability and transparency
  • Intuitive operator panel
  • Guiding the production employee through the entire manufacturing process - from material withdrawal to the filling of the dosing furnace
  • Transparent and error-free shift processes
  • Increase in quality and cost saving as a result of biggest possible error-free production processes
  • High acceptance among the employees because of facilitated logistic processes

Core Features

  • Plausibility check: e.g. right alloy in the right furnace
  • Control of e.g. cleaning times
  • Prioritization when starting the dosing furnaces
  • Tracking & tracing: recording of material flows
  • Equipment occupancy resulting from ERP master data
  • Traceability in the case of complaints
  • Intuitive touch control e.g. in the lift truck cockpit
  • A display for many applications (filling camera, rear view camera, level indicator of dosing furnaces etc.)


  • Offline capacity
  • Synchronization when WLAN access points are available
  • Lift truck lock possible
  • Direct indication fill level at the lift truck terminal

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