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Plant Historian EM

Energy Controlling and Energy Monitoring according to ISO 50001

Plant Historian EM - Energy Management

Energy Management Software: Energy Monitoring and Energy Controlling according to ISO 50001


The MES solution Plant Historian EM - Energy Management -  provides energy  monitoring and energy controlling as a basis for systematic energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

The MES software module Plant Historian EM - Energy Management - has been classified as an eligible energy management software by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

The recording of consumption data reveals excessive consumptions and enables corrective measures in time. Increased consumptions are revealed and, starting points for detailed analysis with subsequent cost-saving measures are identified. Optimization approaches are initiated sustainably and energy costs are decreased.

Energy management, energy monitoring, Energy controling
Plant Historian EM - Energy management software, energy monitoring and energy controlling according to ISO 50001

transparent - energy-efficient - sustainable


  • Transparency of energy data
  • Automated reporting of energy data
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Sustainable management (improved energy-efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions etc.)
  • Improved image (better public presentation of the company etc.)

More information on the energy management software Plant Historian EM - Energy Management - will be available in the product handout.

Core Features

  • Consumtion analysis (Output of sums, average values etc.,
    Generation and output of key figures, free configuration of KPIs etc.)
  • Energy controlling by key figures and evaluations
  • Calculation parameters for variable evaluations
  • Emission monitoring (CO2 balance etc.)
  • Efficiency assessment on the basis of influencing factors
  • Flexible, storable analysis options
  • Integration of existing data sources
  • Saving of manual and consumption data
  • Reporting
  • Evaluation of disturbances and standstills
  • Evaluation of cost centres
  • Assignment of meters to cost centers
  • Visual display options
  • Validation and alerting of balancing groups
  • Online validation of measured values and alerting in cases of exceeding or falling values
  • Support and maintenance

You will find a detailed function description in the product handout of the MES module Plant Historian EM - Energy Management. As a support for sustainable energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001, we offer the development of mobile applications.


Connection to stadardized interfaces:
M-Bus to TCP/IP
Modbus connection (e.g. via RS485)
Modbus to TCP/IP
4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
Standardized OPC connection to the PCS/SPS world:
    • Siemens: SIMATIC PCS 7, S7, WinCC, Teleperm M
    • Emerson: Delta V
    • Honeywell: Expersion, FSC102, PHD
    • ABB: Freelance, 800xA, Advant Master, Symphony Maestro UX,
      Contronic P, Contronic E, Operate IT
    • Foxboro: I/A Series
  • Central, company-wide solution
  • Scalable system: adding of new PCS/SPS server connections