Plant Historian DCL

Digital Checklists - simple, reliable and secure data acquisition

DCL - Digital Checklists

Simple, Reliable and Secure Data Acquisition

Checklists in paper form might present a lot of problems with regard to quality management. The risk is that paper forms or (Excel) lists are incomplete, difficult to read, not up to date or not filled in at all.

Plant Historian DCL - Digital Checklists - will help to prevent such "human" faults. Data are recorded using digital devices.The user is guided through the check procedure - point by point. It is not possible to forget or to skip individual criteria. Data that are not plausible will have to be checked again.

The recorded data are automatically forwarded to those responsible, defective parts are reported to the relevant department. Communication among quality management, maintenance and other relevant departments is guaranteed.

Application area: management of the glass register according to ISO 22000, routines in maintenance, recording of quality management data, control of dangerous goods

DCL - digital checklists - data acquisition simple, reliable, secure
DCL - Digital Checklists - glass register management

paperless - efficient – centrally available


  • Paperless, central data collection
  • Resubmission if data are not plausible
  • Reduction of error-sources
  • No multi-processing
  • Support/guidance of the employee through the check procedure

Core Features

  • Direct communication with other departments
  • Data acquisition via scanner, tablet, smartphone or Windows Client
  • Plausibility check of the recorded data
  • Escalation logic when data are not collected
  • Personalized checklists
  • Digital signature


  • Platform independence (Mac, IOS, Windows, Android etc.)
  • Upload of pictures
  • Display of different file types: float values, status, text, date values, references to other data sources etc
  • Multiuser and multi-project capacities, scalability and multilingualism
  • Central SQL database and central application server, no client installation

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