Plant Historian AR

Alarm Rationalization for increased Plant Security

Plant Historian AR - Alarm Rationalization

Increased Plant Safety and Security as a result of a sustainable Alarm Management


The prioritisation of alarms is usually based on the effects of ignoring alarms (damage to people, the environment and machines) and the operator's remaining reaction time in an alarm situation.

A wrong alarm prioritisation can have the following negative effects:

  • Alarms with too low a priority can risk the safety of the plant.
  • Too many alarms with a high priority lead to desensitisation of the operators.

With the help of an intuitive decision tree, actual alarm priority is determined. A change of an alarm priority will automatically start the MOC process. When the MOC process is finished (confirmation of the changes according to the dual-control principle) the changes can be implemented into the control technology. Subsequently, Plant Historian AR will check the correct execution of the priority change.

Combined with Plant Historian AM (Alarm Management), Plant Historian AR (Alarm Rationalization) represents an essential part of systematic alarm management.

Alarm rationalization, sustainable alarm management
Plant Historian AR - Alarm Rationalization - Alarm priority determination using an intuitive decision tree

Safety and security for man, machine and environment


  • Increased plant security due to sustainbale, systematic alarm management
    (awareness for a systematic alarm management philosophy, support in alarm situations etc.)
  • Automatic comparison between the alarm priorities determined by the alarm rationaliziation and the actual alarm priorities of the process control system
  • Support for alarm reduction
  • Workload reduction for the personnel because of procedural instructions and recommendations

Core Features

  • Intuitive classification of alarms
  • Basis for the Management of Change process (MOC)
  • Validation of rationalization measure (comparision of planned and actual data)
  • Documentation of rationalization data
  • Automatic generation of alarm master data


  • Company-wide, central solution, no client installation necessary
  • Multiuser and multi-project capabilities, scalability, multilingualism and independence from the process control system
  • Standardized interfaces to the PCS / SPS world
  • OPC connection to any process control system / control, e.g.:
    • Siemens: Simatic PCS7, S7, WinCC, Teleperm M
    • Emerson: Delta V
    • Honeywell: Experion, FSC102
    • ABB: Freelance, 800xA, Advant Master, Symphony Maestro UX,Contronic P, Contronic E, Operate IT
    • Foxboro: I/A Series
    • HIMA HiMax
    • Invensys Triconex

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