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Plant Historian AM

Alarm Management for more Plant Security and Transparency

Plant Historian AM

Alarm Management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191 - for more Plant Security and Transparency


A malfunctioning or even missing alarm management system is often responsible for production downtimes, standstills or accidents with fatal impact on humans, machines or the environment.

Good alarm management must be able to reduce alarms in general and to filter them by importance to enable the right response to different types of alarm. The result must always  be "more security for the plant and more safety for the staff".

Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - offers the support that can guarantee safety and security. Our solution is able to quickly offer the right decision in critical situations - e.g. with procedural instructions or alarm qualifications with messages filtered by priority.

Effective alarm management also includes Alarm Rationalization. A wrong prioritization of alarms means an unnessessary workload for the operator in the control center. A fact, that increases the risk of ignoring critical messages (desensitization of the operator).

Systematic alarm management with the MES solution Plant Historian AM/AR - Alarm Management/ Rationalization - is equally suitable for both smaller and bigger enterprises. Company-wide solutions with more than 300 servers can be realized without any problems.

Plant Historian AM Alarm Management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191
Plant Historian AM Alarm Management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191

Plant security – transparency – central availability


  • Increased plant security due to a transparent presentation of alarms & events of the process control system
  • Increased plant availability (OEE)
  • Shorter response times as a result of alarm & event forwading via SMS, email or phone
  • Support for alarm reduction and reduced workload for the staff
  • Automatic KPI reporting according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191 (follow-up and chattering alarms, average alarm rate per operator, alarm duration, evaluation of alarm frequency)

Core Features

  • Central alarm & event (A&E) monitoringwith linked procedural instructions
  • Graphic A&E  frequency analysis and distribution (e.g. top 20 evaluation)
  • Evaluation of alarm frequency per calendar weeks (detection of alarm tendencies)
  • Duplicate detection: indication of alarms that occur several times within +/- 1 second
  • Analysis of follow-up and chattering alarms
  • User-specific analysis and filter settings for alarm & events
  • Automatic forwarding of alarms & events to digital input masks, e.g. automatic fault detection, shift book entries, SAP etc.


  • Company-wide, central solution, no client installation necessary
  • Multiuser and multi-project capabilities, scalability, multilingualism and independence from the process control system
  • Standardized interfaces to the PCS / SPS world
  • OPC connection to any process control system / control, e.g.:
    • Siemens: Simatic PCS7, S7, WinCC, Teleperm M
    • Emerson: Delta V
    • Honeywell: Experion, FSC102
    • ABB: Freelance, 800xA, Advant Master, Symphony Maestro UX,Contronic P, Contronic E, Operate IT
    • Foxboro: I/A Series
    • HIMA HiMax
    • Invensys Triconex