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iMes Solutions GmbH in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, specializes in the development of MES solutions for the automation area of industrial plants.

Our strong team combines professional skills with years of experience. In cooperation with our clients, we push forward and continuously optimize the digitization of industrial manufacturing processes towards industry 4.0.

Our portfolio reaches from process data archiving via alarm and energy management, the automated acquisition of laboratory and machine data to digital shift book and reporting.

In the area of technical plant documentation, we support our clients with our documentation, service and project planning tool PLSDOC®.

Our goals are a best possible protection of plant know-how, the creation of optimal transparency for process data and an increase in productivity and quality within the framework of increased plant safety.

In addition to our products, we offer accompanying workshops for alarm and energy management, support for PCS documentation/reverse engineering, PCS migration and PCS configuration. Furhermore, we offer support in the areas of IT security audits, IT security and vulnerability analysis, IT forensic and data recovery.

Please, contact us and specify your requirements and expectations. Together, we will find the optimal solution. For today, tomorrow and for the future.

Peter Fröhlich
CEO iMes Solutions GmbH

Company Vision

      "Since 2001, iMes Solutions GmbH stands for innovative and intuitive software solutions, for quality and reliability.      
       UOur vision is a universal connection for decentralized systems and equipments in connection with central data processing and visualization –
       scalable, intuitive, simple and manufacturer independent."


Company Mission

      "We offer our clients tailor-made software solutions.
       Due to the modular construction of our software solutions, functionalities can be expanded quickly and flexibly.
      We work for the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we rely on a good and trustful cooperation."

News & Events

Company from the Food Industry with its Focus on Organic Muesli Products relies on iMes Solutions' Digitization Technology.

Traceability and transparency in the production process

>> Facts
For more than 30 years, the company, based in the Upper Bavarian region, has been committed to the production and distribution of organic food. Particular attention is paid to sustainability, including social and economic aspects..

>> Initial situation
In partially automated production, many processes are still recorded and documented manually. For each end product, important parameters such as weight, moisture, volume, etc. are recorded manually. Errors are inevitable in this process.

Research and data preparation for internal and external audits are usually very time-consuming. Traceability is also difficult in the event of quality problems.

>> Target
A central software solution is to be provided for the automated storage and evaluation of data, e.g. from Siemens WinCC or metal detectors. This should simplify plant management and make it more transparent. In the future, the collected production data will be available ad hoc for reporting and audits. Above all, quality management is to be supported and relieved in the area of audit preparation.

>> Project targets & requirements in detail:

  • Central software solution for quality and process data storage
  • Guidance of plant operators by intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Process automation: workflows depending on specific events, e.g. metal detector results
  • Complete batch traceability
  • Relevant information, e.g. for audits, should be available ad hoc
  • Automated reporting, e.g. daily and weekly reports for production and quality management
  • Alarm and event recording: All events in the production line should be documented and made evaluable.

>> Technical challenges
Complete integration into the Siemens WinCC world
Creation of complex workflows for process automation: e.g. metal detector events are documented automatically and are available for ad hoc audits
Centralized and automated reporting: consolidation of production-relevant information provided by different sources

>> Decision for the iMes Solutions GmbH

  • The user friendly and intuitive web solution from iMes Solutions GmbH meets all the company's requirements.
  • The Plant Historian shift book software is coupled with the OPC server and, for example, automatically creates an ACTUAL/TARGET comparison of the product used during each weighing process and identifies any difference.
  • The shift book solution is fully integrated into the Siemens WinCC world. A button opens the dialog in the browser window and the input fields are automatically filled in advance.
  • The shift book solution is also available as an add-on in the Siemens Industry Mall.

>> Conclusion
The shift book software solution provided by the iMes Solutions GmbH is characterized by its complete integration into the Siemens WinCC world. It supports paperless working in all areas of production and quality management. This reduces the time required for recording, reporting and research, increases process quality and reliability and reduces costs. A special advantage for its platform-independent use: the software solution can be used equally in the Windwos, Android and iOS world.

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New Development for the Digital Documentation of Pipelines - in Use at Global Group in the Chemical Industry since 2020

Documentation of process steps per smartphone or tablet

>> F A C T S
The production of pipelines requires that the process steps are documented from the testing of the material verification via the actual production of the pipeline section to the testing of the resulting work piece.

In order to automate the documentation and in the absence of a suitable application, iMes Solutions GmbH was asked to develop a corresponding tool in close cooperation with a manufacturer from the chemical industry.

The technology was based on the proven and modern web framework of the iMes Solutions shift book solution.

A team consisting of project management, Scrum Master and developers created an application in a Scrum process - without any time-consuming creation of a requirements specification and based on React - which requires a smartphone with Internet access as the only prerequisite and has been successfully in use since the beginning of 2020.

>> Initial situation
Prior to the introduction of the newly developed program, the documentation of the individual process steps had to be compiled manually by filling out dockets and then entering and evaluating them digitally at the end - a personnel-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone procedure.

>> TARGET: Automated documentation of the pipeline manufacturing process
All the information required for successful acceptance should be collected digitally and be available at a centrally and immediately. The digitization of information by manual input should be no longer necessary.

>> Project targets & requirements in detail

  • Automated documentation of process steps
  • Paperless work
  • Automated evaluations
  • Flexible and user-friendly handling
  • Possibility of using mobile devices

>> Technological requirements

  • During the planning for the realization it became clear that for the requirement to be able to provide an application on mobile end devices, a progressive web app would be the means of choice.
  • By using a platform-independent web application based on React, end devices from different manufacturers can be used without having to sacrifice the convenience of a native application.
  • The application makes it possible, for example, to scan barcodes by using commercially available smartphone cameras, thus avoiding touch input errors.

>> Decision for the new development of the iMes Solutions GmbH

The application, which was newly developed using the Scrum method, enables the end devices to communicate with the central company server. The only requirement for the external users to operate the application is a smartphone with Internet access. It is not necessary to connect the devices to the company's own network, either on-site or via VPN. Every single process step in the manufacturing process is documented centrally. The data is centrally available for evaluations.

For individual customer requirements, iMes Solutions GmbH offers the new development of software solutions following the Scrum method.

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More than a Connection between Shopfloor and Topfloor - iScan for the Digitization, Acquisition & Management of Warehouse and Production Data

An example from practical experience
iScan PVK (product shipping labeling) as part of the iScan product family is used internationally for product and shipping labeling at one of the world's largest manufacturers of styrenic plastics.

The globally positioned manufacturer of styrenic plastics with around 3,600 employees produces plastics for everyday products in various industries, for example automotive, electronics, construction, household, leisure, packaging, medical and health.

The iScan PVK module is currently used at three locations in North America and at one location in Asia. iScan is also used at various locations in Europe in different configurations. At the German sites, both the iScan PDM (production data management) and the iScan WMS (warehouse management) modules are being used.

Initial situation & target
In the past, the North American sites used label printing software that was outdated and in some cases no longer supported. The existing solution was to be replaced by modern digital software.

All sites should be provided, installed and trained exclusively via "remote".

Time and cost savings due to "remote" commissioning
Both the installation of iScan PVK and the commissioning and user training were realized "remotely".

In the future, maintenance work can also be carried out at any time from a single location - resulting in enormous time and cost savings overall.

More than a connection between shopfloor and topfloor - a global success story
The solution is characterized by easy handling, high transparency of goods movements, product & batch traceability and a direct SAP® connection.

The major benefit for the customer results from the standardized SAP® interface at all sites and the processes that are mapped via this interface. The standard enables the company to equip further sites with iScan.

The iScan "Core Features" in an overview:

  • Transfer of master data from the ERP system
  • Guidance of the plant operator through the entire production process
  • Recording of all production steps
  • Automatic value transfer, target lists, tolerance checks
  • Recipe calculation/management
  • Feedback of produced goods/quantities (good goods, goods not conforming to type, rejects) and consumptions
  • Complete recording of goods movements
  • Grouping according to storage locations, material and batches
  • Access to / transfer of data from the ERP system
  • Tool for permanent and key date inventory

Customer testimonial from Business Process Manager Production & Quality Management
"iScan has a long history and perhaps a never-ending story as it continues to grow and become a global success," says the Business Process Manager Production & Quality Management, with a big smile on his face.

"I think the sentence that really hits the mark is: "iMes not only talks about solutions, but also delivers them"[...].
"With iScan, we have delivered a customized solution that can be deployed internationally, that meets individual requirements, and that leads to an overall harmonization of our internal processes. No matter when or where we have brought iMes and our company together, it has always been a great success."

Project highlights

  • Global solution for product and shipment labeling
  • Simple and secure SAP® connection
  • Standardized in-house infrastructure and business processes
  • Complete installation, commissioning and key user/application training "remotely"

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