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Practical AI Solutions for the Shopfloor

Software developers in the automation sector of industrial plants collaborate with manufacturing industry and research institutions in order to create new opportunities in the field of AI.

For more than 20 years, iMes Solutions GmbH has been a specialist and innovator in the field of digital solutions for the shopfloor of industrial plants. The portfolio ranges from process data archiving, alarm and energy management, the automated recording of laboratory and machine data to digital shift books and reporting. In the area of digital plant documentation, customers find support with the documentation, support and project planning tool PLSDOC®.

In a separate department that has specialized in the area of data mining / AI, new knowledge is generated from collected data.
In cooperation with customers, universities and partners from the manufacturing industry, iMes Solutions GmbH is significantly involved in several research projects. These include:

  • KI-RAM - AI-based  solutions to reduce abrasion and traffic-related microplastic emissions
    in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IMWS Halle, Rösler Tyre Innovators GmbH&Co.KG, the University of Paderborn and DENKweit GmbH with a focus on
    • Analysis and reduction of the tyre abrasion of commercial vehicles with the help of the evaluation of field data (tyre abrasion sensor)

  • Development of an intelligent mechatronic sheet metal forming tool for the tool and automotive industry - in cooperation with Brabant & Lehnert Werkzeug und Vorrichtungsbau GmbH (tool and jig construction) and the Institute for Microsensors, actuators and systems at the University of Bremen with a particular focus on the following areas
    • Integration of sensors (motion, force and heat sensors, camera)
    • Quality recognition of the produced sheet metal parts from sensor data
    • Adjustment of the tool parameters or maintenance report
  • Development of an intelligent dosing control for lubrication nozzles - in cooperation with HIESSL Schmiertechnik GmbH (Lubrication engineering) and the Fraunhofer IWU - Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology with the main focus on
    • Intelligent nozzle control with readjustment
    • Algorithm for viscosity adaptation of nozzle control via sensor technology
    • Automated and precise component wetting with the nozzle control system

  • MMAA - Networked Assembly with Autonomous Workstations - in cooperation with Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (engineering) and Kempten University of Applied Sciences with the focus on
    • Improvement of a modular assembly solution
    • Providing a digital workplace with intelligent support

  • InKris - Intelligent crystallisation sensor for smproved quality assurance in injection moulding - in collaboration with FOS Messtechnik GmbH (measurement technology), Exipnos GmbH and the Fraunhofer IMWS with a focus on
    • Development of an "intelligent crystallisation sensor" for quality assurance in injection moulding
    • Testing and optimization under real-life conditions in the production process

  • Golden Eye - intelligent dosing system - in cooperation with Bahner Feinwerktechnik GmbH (precision engineering) and TH Köln with the focus on
    • Image-based volume testing of fluids in the field of dosing technology
    • Adjustment of the nozzle actuation via the detected volume deviation

A detailed description of the individual projects can be found here.

The „Development of an intelligent mechatronic sheet metal forming tool for the tool and automotive industry“ has already been completed, all other projects are in various stages of research and development.

Other elements of iMes Solutions' digital development include regular participation in digital industry conferences such as VDI events or MEORGA, broad networking with partners from all areas of digitization, the publication of technical articles and contributions, and a broad presence with discussion forums in social media.



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