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For more than 20 years, we have been specialists and innovators in the field of MES software solutions. Our industry 4.0 standard products are intuitive, efficient, create transparency   and uncover potential. We realize the digitalization of your manufacturing and production processes.

Our core competences are long-term archiving and the evaluation of alarms & events and process values, the automated reporting of KPI and OEE key figures as well as the acquisition and analysis of machine data (MDA).

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The iMes Solutions GmbH with its headquarters in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is specialized in the development of MES software solutions in the automation area of industrial plants.

In a strong team we combine professional competence with many years of experience in order to push and optimize the digitalization of industrial manufacturing processes towards Industry 4.0 together with our customers.

The portfolio ranges from process data archiving, alarm and energy management, automated acquisition of laboratory and machine data to electronic shift books and reporting. In the field of technical plant documentation, we support our customers with our documentation, support and project planning tool PLSDOC®.

Our objectives are the best possible protection of your plant know-how, the creation of optimum process data transparency and an increase in productivity and quality within the framework of increased plant safety and security.

In addition to our products, we offer workshops in the field of alarm and energy management as well as support for PCS documentation/reverse documentation, PCS migration and PCS configuration. Furthermore, we offer support in the areas of IT security audits, IT security and vulnerability analysis, IT forensics and data recovery.

Please, talk to us about your requirements and expectations without any obligation - together we will find the right solution. For today, for tomorrow and for the future.

Peter Fröhlich
CEO iMes Solutions GmbH

Company Vision

      "Since 2001 the iMes Solutions GmbH stands for innovative and intuitive software solutions, for quality and reliability.
       Our vision is a universal connection for decentralized plants and equipment in connection with central data processing and visualization –
       scalable, intuitive, simple and manufacturer-independent."


Company Mission

      "We offer our customers tailor-made software solutions.
       Our modular software solutions allow functions to be expanded quickly and flexibly.
      We want satisfied customers. That's why we rely on good, trusting cooperation."

iMes Solutions - Your Interface to Success

With our many years of experience and a cross-industry customer base, we are a reliable and secure partner for the future. Our customers particularly appreciate our personal, customer and solution-oriented support. Even after commissioning we take care of your concerns.

Individually configured products allow us to implement your requirements quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently. The scalability provides the connection of any number of PCS/PLC and machines.

Our MES solutions ensure vertical process integration and represent a link between the machine controls and the systems of the company management level. 

The MES software Plant Historian is a modular system for central long-term archiving and the analysis of process control system data. Technical operating data, alarms & events, batch protocols, laboratory data, actual process values and operator interventions are stored centrally in a long-term archive. A great number of analysis tools is available for identifying optimization potential.

You can get to know us within the scope of a PILOT INSTALLATION!
From the very first day, our MES software solution will create transparency and uncover optimization potential. Together with our partners from science and research (e.g. University of Salzburg) we face your requirements and make your production more effective and transparent. Benefit from your competitive advantage now!

The advantages: modular - configurable - scalable



MES Pyramide

Best Practice / Customer Projects

iMes Solutions' Alarm Management Solution is applied at one of the World's most important Producers of chemical Products

Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - has been in use at the world's largest chemical company since 2020. At the site in southwest Germany, a total of 11 plants with different PCS and PLC systems were connected in just a few weeks.

Plant Historian AM represents a robust, intuitive and scalable alarm management solution that meets all requirements. The different control systems and controllers are displayed centrally. Additional DCS/PLC systems could be connected without any downtimes.

By reducing the number of alarms, it was possible to reduce downtimes , optimize plant utilization and increase process quality after only a few months.

To companies in the process industry, Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - offers an efficient, robust and transparent solution to increase plant safety and security and reduce the number of alarms. Our alarm management solution is suitable for both small and large companies. Company-wide solutions with more than 90 plants, 300 servers and over 300,000 measuring points have already been successfully implemented.

Leading petrochemical Company relies on Plant Historian Alarm Management & Alarm Rationalization

Since 2016, Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management has been used in one of the largest oil refineries in the German-speaking region - since 2018 in combination with the Plant Historian AR module Alarm Rationalization. Approximately 2000 employees work at the site.

A wide variety of process control systems and controllers from different manufacturers are in use - ABB Symphony and Foxboro I/A, safety-related controllers such as HIMA HiMax and Invensys Triconex. For the more than 120,000 daily messages in 3 facilities, there was no operational message monitoring or the possibility to intuitively evaluate alarm frequencies or alarm duration.

Plant Historian AM/AR provides the customer with sustainable alarm management while meeting all requirements. The various control systems and controllers are integrated and displayed centrally. In addition to central message monitoring and the graphical evaluation of alarm frequencies, the customer also uses the advantages of automated KPI reporting according to ISA 18.2.

The application is intuitive and user-friendly.

Systematic alarm management with Plant Historian AM/AR - Alarm Management/Rationalization - is equally suitable for small and large companies. Company-wide solutions with more than 300 servers can be realised without any difficulties.

Plant Historian Alarm Management at a Swiss Chemicals Company

Since 2007, Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - has been applied at the south-east Bavarian dependency of one of the largest producers of speciality chemicals.

A wide variety of process control systems and controllers from different manufacturers such as Siemens PCS7, ABB 800xA, ABB Freelance, ABB Symphony as well as Hima HIMAX and Honeywell FSC are in use. A total of 6 control systems and controllers from different manufacturers were connected with 16 DCS connectors.

Plant Historian AM offers the customer the possibility of long-term archiving of alarms & events. The various control systems and controllers are integrated and displayed centrally. The application is intuitive and user-friendly. A key point is also the scalability without interfering with the running operation. The latter proved to be an invaluable advantage in the gradual expansion to a company-wide, central alarm management system.

Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - provides an efficient, robust and transparent solution to increase plant safety and reduce the number of alarms in companies in the chemical industry.Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - provides an efficient, robust and transparent solution to increase plant safety and reduce the number of alarms in companies in the chemical industry.

Shift Book - Integration for SIMATIC PCS7 in one of the largest Sewage Treatment Plants in the German-speaking Region

For operators, the flexible Shift Book solution of iMes Solutions provides quick and easy information on any kind of incident in the plant - thus being able to delegate tasks and track events.

Plant operators, shift supervisors and plant managers can quickly obtain an up-to-date overview of the status of the entire plant both on the SIMATIC PCS 7 OS Client and on the computer in the office.

There are different ways to access  the shift book:

  • via a button in the WinCC button bar
  • via the faceplate of the unit
  • via the shift book symbol in the WinCC

The iMes shift book is designed to optimise and simplify processes and also takes into account regulatory requirements. Digital checklists, error message recording as well as maintenance tasks etc. are covered. Improved communication, fewer misunderstandings and less paper consumption are further advantages.

iMes Solutions' Shift Book solution is also available as a PCS7 Add-On in the Siemens Industry Mall.

News & Events

The iMes Solutions at the MEORGA in Landshut

MEORGA will be holding a specialist I&C trade fair for measurement and control technology, process control systems and automation technology at the Sparkassen-Arena in Landshut on 27 October 2021.

More than 100 specialist companies, including the market leaders in the sector, will be presenting their products, equipment and systems,   engineering and services as well as new trends in the field of automation between 08:00 and 16:00 hrs.

Again, we from  iMes Solutions GmbH from Burghausen will be part of the event.

During the event, we will provide information mainly on our Industry 4.0 solutions Plant Historian AM/AR - Alarm Managementaund Rationalization, Plant Historian PDA - Process Data Archiving, Plant Historian SB - Digital Shift Book  and Plant Historian DCL - Digital Checklists.

You will find us at stand S3. Entrance is free.

Please ensure compliance with the German 3G rule: Vaccinated - Recovered - Tested. Proof is required!

You are welcome to contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to   welcoming you personally.

Sparkassen-Arena Landshut
Stand S3
Niedermayerstr. 100
84036 Landshut

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Successful Production Tracking & Tracing at Magna BDW Technologies using Plant Historian PTT

One of the most important global automotive suppliers with 158,000 employees at 340 locations uses the RFID solution of iMes Solutions GmbH for tracking, tracing and documentation of the production routes in the casting plant. The constant expansion of the plant was increasingly becoming a bottleneck in the coordination and documentation of the transport routes from the furnace to the casting machine and required an automated solution.

A digital answer to the question

WHAT was processed WHEN, HOW and WHERE?

was required.

The RFID solution by iMes Solutions GmbH was able to convince with its answers and fulfil all of the customer's requirements. The system mounted on transport units (forklifts, trucks, electric lift trucks, etc.) records, documents and controls the removal and the path of the material through the entire production process. The recorded parameters such as date, time, weight, temperature and information on the production units are checked for plausibility - thus guaranteeing that the materials reach the production units intended for them. The transport systems are directly linked to the plant automation system. The work processes are prioritized. The drivers receive the orders from the work preparation directly on a terminal PC on the truck.

The use of the Production Tracking & Tracing Systems for Magna BDW Technolgies means:

  • Optimization of the transport processes for more efficient logistic processes
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Documentation and traceability of processes and transport paths in the casting plant
  • Quality assurance by adhering to the impeller times

You will find a detailed report on the cooperation between Magna BDW Technologies  and iMes Solutions GmbH here.

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SPS Connect from 24 - 26 November 2020 - the digital industry meets digitally!

Get your discount!

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the Smart Production Solutions originally planned in Nuremberg will be a digital event this year.

Experts from all over the world will present the latest developments and trends in the automation industry. Presentations, discussions and exhibitor contributions will cover the entire spectrum of digital automation - from simple sensor solutions to intelligent allover solutions (artificial intelligence). The exchange among experts, colleagues, customers and solution providers takes place in real time via live chat or video call. You will find the right contact person for your interests and topics through AI-supported matchmaking.

The advantage of this digital event is that the content will also be available "on demand" after the SPS Connect until 31 December 2020.

We from iMes Solutions GmbH as part of the SPS as an exhibitor invite you to participate in this trend-setting event at reduced conditions.

Contact us and request your voucher code!

Please, contact Mario Schachinger, phone: 08677 961824, e-mail: or use our contact form.

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Our innovative MES software series and services are used across industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automation, automotive, power plants, wastewater treatment plants and food processing.

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