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Innovative MES Software and Industry 4.0 Solutions

For more than 20 years, we have been an expert and innovation specialist for MES software solutions. Our Industry 4.0 standard products provide intuitiveness, efficiency, transparency and space for potential. We realize your digital manufacturing and production processes.

Our core competences are long-term archiving and evaluation of alarms & events, process values, automated reporting of KPI and OEE key figures and, the acquirement  and analysis of machine data (MDA).


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A Connection to Success

Our long experience and a client base across all industries make us a safe and reliable partner for the future. Our clients estimate our personal, client and solution-oriented service. Even after the start of operation of our software, we will be pleased to assist you.

Due to the fact, that our products are configurable, it is possible to realize any requirements fast, cost-effectively and efficiently.  Scalability is the key to the connection of any number of PCS/PLC  and machines.

Our MES solutions provide a vertical process integration and, they represent a connector between the machine controls and the systems of the company management level.

The MES software Plant Historian is a modular-built system for central long-term archiving and the analysis of process data. Technical operation data , alarms & events, charge protocols, laboratory data, actual process values and operational interventions are centrally stored in a long-term archive. For the identification of any optimization potential, there is a comprehensive number of analysis tools available.

If you want to learn more about us and our products, we will offer you the possibility of a pilot installation in your company!
Starting with the first day of installation, our MES software will create transparency and reveal optimization potentials. Together with our partners in science and research (e.g. Salzbourg University), we will meet your requirements and make your production process more efficient and transparent. Just capture your competitve advantage.

The benefits of our system: it is modular – configurable - scalable

MES Pyramide

Company Profile

The iMes Solutions GmbH in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is specialized on the development of MES solutions for the automation area of industrial plants.

Our strong team combines professional skills with years of experience . In cooperation with our clients, we push forward and continuously optimize the digitization of industrial manufacturing processes towards industry 4.0.

Our portfolio reaches from process data archiving via alarm and energy management, the automated acquisition of laboratory and machine data to digital shift book and reporting.
In the area of technical plant documentation, we support our clients with our documentation, service and projection tool PLSDOC®.

Our targets are an optimal protection of plant know how, the creation of transparency for process data and an increase of productivity and quality within the framework of increased plant security.

In addition to our products, we offer accompanying workshops for alarm and energy management, support for PCS documentation/reverse engineering, PCS migration and PCS configuration. Furhermore, we offer support in the areas of IT security audits, IT security and vulnerability analysis, IT forensic and data recovery.

Please, contact us and specify your requirements and expectations. Together, we will find the optimal solution. For today, tomorrow and for the future.

Peter Fröhlich

Peter Fröhlich
CEO iMes Solutions GmbH

Company Vision

      "Since 2001, iMes Solutions GmbH stands for innovative and intuitive software solutions, for quality and reliability.
       Our vision is a universal connection for decentralized systems and equipments in connection with central data processing and visualization –
       scalable, intuitive, simple and manufacturer independent."

Company Mission

      "We offer ouor clients tailor-made software solutions.
       Due touthe modular construction of our software solutions, functions can be expanded quickly and flexibly.
      We work for the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we rely on o good and trustful cooperation." 

Best Practice/Client Voices

Borbet counts on Plant Historian

Mr. Christian Dax (Manager of the paint shop) refers to project management and realization:

„The excellent cooperation between Mr. Walter Eberhardt (electrotechnics/paintshop), Mr. Ludwig Mall (head of IT department – Plant Historian infrastructure) and the iMes Solutions team was the basis for the success of the project.

Mr. Mall was responsible for the fast provision of the IT infrastructure and the connection between the flexible data of the production data acquisition (PDA) and the Plant Historian reporting module. The resulting shift reports represent a considerable relief for daily analysis work.

Above all, the data integration from our PDA into the iMes reports means a discovery of optimization potential on one hand and, a confirmation of  successful production processes on the other . The task has been performed to our full satisfaction.“

Power Plant Salzbourg North counts on Plant Historian

Mr.  Anton Lindinger  emphasizes the very good cooperation during the project implementation and the realization of the company requirements:

"In the beginning, we didn‘t expect a modern archiving system being able to perfectly harmonize with our process control system. In addition to the intuitive operation surface, there is a large number of evaluation possibilities available - helping us to optimize our processes sustainably. The task has been performed to our full satisfaction.“

News & Updates

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