Central ambient air monitoring and analysis of dangerous substances


AAMS is a central ambient air monitoring system including the detection and analysis of dangerous substances indoors. Any number of gas chromatograph can be connected and documented. Exceedance of limit values will result in an alarm. The systems meets the demands reuqired by TRGS 402 (shift average).



  • Prevention tool for health protection of employees
  • Meets the demands required by TRGS 402 (technical standard for dangerous substances) concerning shift averages
  • Individual and shift related evaluation possibilities
  • Transparent recording and archiving of critical values
  • Redundant solution: alarming independent of control systems
  • Offers protection against any claims arising from authorities or employees
  • Graphical and tabular data presentation options


  • Data recording and long-term archiving
  • Ambient air monitoring of different gas chromatographs
  • Individual load recording
  • Indication of shift average
  • Individual alarm system in cases of limit value exceedance
  • Daily, monthly and annual reports concerning individual employees and shifts