iMes IT Penetration Test - Security Check for your System

Early detection of net risks and attacks - protection of investments - iMes Penetration Test

Global networking has lead to a revolution of the whole computer world. But the enormous expansion of technical posibilities has resulted in an increase of corresponding net atacks. For many companies, computer security has become essential for survival - research results or their own product developments saved on company-internal servers represent a temptation for any kind of virtual thief from all over the world. To protect the system from attacks, it is necessary to understand the practice of potential invaders.



A professional penetration test is an elementary part of any security audit and will test your network systematically to find out any weak points and security gaps. Basically, the IT penetration test uses the same practice as a hacker would do.


  • More Security
    • Protection of company secrets
    • Detection of security gaps in your computer system
    • Increased security for technical and organizational matters
    • Development of optimal security approaches
  • Investment Security
    • Prevention
    • Client protection
    • Protection of the company system


An IT penetration test is a selective, systematic and legal attack attempt directed towards an IT system. Penetration tests provide a snap-shot of the security infrastructure of an IT system. Weak points and security gaps are discovered and analyzed.


  • Investigation of freely accessible internet information.
  • Analysis  of the local computer system environment (enumeration, reconnaissance)
  • System test with regard to open access possibilities or releases
  • Evaluation, review and verification of first results
  • Special programs are used to test the identified  weak points of the system
  • Structured and comprehensive evaluation and editing of results


  • Procedure according to the standardized OSSTMM method
  • OWASP (Open-Web-Application-Security-Projects):Security check of Web applications
  • IT Penetration tests for VPN connections
  • IT Penetration tests for WLAN networks
  • Eaqch penetration test will be carried out under individual consideration of the client's special requirements