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Plant Historian

Plant Historian is a modular built operation data record - and long-term archiving system to raise productivity, secure quality and optimize processes.

Plant Historian Alarm management

Plant Historian Alarm management is a long-term archiving and alarm analysis system. Plant Historian AM is uses as tool to reduce alarms and optimize plants.

Plant Historian Process data archiving

Plant Historian 'PDA is a central archiving system for process data recording and evaluation. Plant operators benefit from the gapless and corporate-wide availability of process data as well as from the intuitive and comprehensive analyzing functions.

Plant Historian Energy management

Plant Historian EM is a energy monitoring- and energy control system to capture any energy flows as well as to identify energy efficient potentials and whose conversion. Companys avail oneself of the transparency of data, detailled possibilitys of presentation as well as from the possibility to control and optimize energy costs.

Plant Historian Machinery data aquisition system

Plant Historian MDE is a system  for central acquisition, monitoring and controling of machinery data.

Plant Historian Success Stories

Process data archiving and alarm management at Salzburg AG and BORBET Austria GmbH.


PLSDOC® is a system for documentation and assistance in industry plants, in the areas of chemistry, pharmacy, power stations, sewage works, chemistry of rocks and manufacturing industry.


PLSMPRO is a software solution to capture, administer and edit mess circle data, tool lists, basic data and equipment-specification-sheets.


iScanis a central system to capture and manage storage- and production parameters with bar code scanners.