iScan WMS

Central administration and capture of warehouse data

iScan WMS

Central Administration and Acquisition of Warehouse Data

iScan WMS - Warehouse Management System - is a central system for the acquisition and administration of warehouse data with barcode scanners, which is characterized by its easy handling, high transparency of goods movements, batch traceability and direct ERP connection.

iScan WMS provides a direct connection to a higher-level merchandise management system.
This allows master data to be imported from the ERP system and, changes like
goods movements, to be reported back to the connected system in real time.


Goods management system, central administration of warehouse data
iScan WMS: Central administration and recording of warehouse data


  • Transparent system from goods receipt to goods issue
  • Complete capture of goods movements
  • Timelines: Inventories are always up to date
  • Time saving: Minimization of the material search in the warehouse
  • Quality improvement: Work according to consumption sequence procedures e.g. First-In-First-Out-principle
  • Quantity improvement: Avoidance of material emergencies and expired goods
  • Minimizing costs, inventory optimization
  • Scheduling optimization
  • Successful implementation through high acceptance and traceability: Easy, clear, intuitive and comprehensible
  • Warehouse labelling (product, warehouse and shipping labelling)

Core Features

  • Access/transfer of master data from the ERP system
  • Automatic acquisition of goods receipt data from the ERP system
  • Execution and automatic documentation of goods movements
  • Overview of the current stock level
  • Automatic feedback of relevant data from the ERP system
  • Filter, group, show and hide columns (information) - for example, grouping by storage locations, material and batches
  • Storage of the created views in layouts for recurring evaluation
  • Inventories
  • Tool for permanent and key date inventory
  • History of the inventory process (multiple counts)
  • Selection of storage bins or storage locations
  • Comparison between the inventory result and the ERP system


  • Connection to a superordinate ERP / merchandise management system
    RFC, BAPI, XML, BizTalk etc.
    Data import from SAP (master data, goods receipt)
    Data access to SAP
    Confirmation of material flows to SAP (goods movements)
  • WLAN connection of mobile hand scanners
  • LAN connection of stationary scales and scanners
  • Automated emailing of reports (as PDF or in Excel)
  • Client operation for users: no installation necessary
  • Central, company-wide solution



iScan WMS Central administration and recording of warehouse data
iScan WMS Central administration and recording of warehouse data

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