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iMes IT Security

How secure are your Computer Systems/Networks? iMes Security Concept for Industry 4.0


The number of reported security incidents in the information and communication industry has risen rapidly in recent years. Companies are often unaware of the security gaps and the associated risks - internal company research results, product developments, but also customer data are at risk.

Therefore iMes Solutions GmbH supports you in the areas of IT security, the execution of IT penetration tests (IT security analysis), IT forensics, IT risk management according to ISO 27001 and data recovery.


Security in the Computer System
IT Security - Security in the Computer System

IT Penetration Test

The iMes IT penetration test will thoroughly check your computer systems and networks. The iMes IT penetration test reveals all possible security holes and vulnerabilities in your systems and networks.


IT Forensics

IT forensics deals with the digital preservation of evidence and traces, analysis and data reconstruction.

IT Vulnerability Analysis vs. IT Penetration Test?

A sustainable IT security concept includes both the vulnerability analysis and the IT penetration test.

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