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Maximum IT security with almost 100% availability

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it security Schwachstellenanalyse it Penetrationstest it Forensik Sicherheitsprüfung it Sicherheit it Schwachstellenanalyse Datenrettung

it Security Schwachstellenanalyse it Penetrationstest it Forensik Sicherheitsprüfung it Sicherheit it Schwachstellenanalyse Datenrettung

it Security Schwachstellenanalyse it Penetrationstest it Forensik Sicherheitsprüfung it Sicherheit it Schwachstellenanalyse Datenrettung
it security schwachstellenanalyse it penetrationstest it forensik sicherheitsprüfung it sicherheit it schwachstellenanalyse it datenrettung

Safe and Secure IT Infrastructure without any Compromises

Complete hardware & software stack from a single source leads to maximum IT security at almost 100% availability


iMes Solutions GmbH is your reliable partner for customized IT security and infrastructure solutions, specially developed in order to meet the requirements of medium-sized companies. With a focus on robust, scalable and secure IT structures, we support your company in protecting itself against cyber risks and ensuring a stable IT environment.


Our comprehensive IT Solutions:


  • High availability server solutions
  • Network segmentation & network topologies
  • Firewalls & VPN solutions
  • Server setup (on-premise & cloud)
  • Monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Integration of UPS, Wi-Fi, etc.

IT security

  • NIS-2 policy implementation
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Improvement of cyber security
  • Implementation of SIEM systems
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Immediate response to attacks

Cloud solutions

  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Cloud backup & storage solution
  • Hybrid cloud (combines on-premise and cloud solution)
  • Cloud security and compliance
  • Development and hosting of cloud applications

IT support

  • IT inventory
  • Management and emergency planning
  • On-site support
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Penetration tests


Your Benefits

        By choosing iMes Solutions, you will not only benefit from a secure and stable IT infrastructure, but also from a partner who is specialized in optimizing IT processes and protecting your company from the rapidly changing threats of the digital world.

Our Services

Protect and optimize your company with our all-in-one IT solutions that cover the entire hardware and software stack. With iMes Solutions, you will benefit from customized, highly secure IT infrastructures and a partner that protects your company from cyber threats while optimizing your IT processes.

Improved Cyber Security
  • NIS-2 compliance as a competitive advantage: Our NIS-2 expertise will strengthen your cyber security and meet legal compliance.
  • Potential encryption has virtually no consequences, i.e. operational business is not affected.
  • Maximum control: Guaranteed security of your data, communication and networks.
  • Protective measures: Defence against data encryption and espionage.
  • Network protection: Robust firewall and network solutions.
  • Prevention: Deployment of rollback strategies and security protocols.

Increase in Productivity
  • Very high availability of the IT infrastructure (SLA 99.99%) leads to increased productivity in the company.
  • Minimised downtimes: Up to 99.99% SLA and productivity improvement
  • Protection against failure due to redundancy.

Recucing IT Resources
  • Simplified IT: Consolidation and reduction of administrative tasks.
  • Optional management: IT management for optimized, trouble-free operation.
  • Cost savings: Semi-automated updates and centralized IT management.
  • Infrastructure As Code”: Elimination of employee-specific knowledge.

Quick Troubleshooting
  • Efficient response: Fast solutions and automated security monitoring.
  • Business protection: Comprehensive SLAs against economic damage.
  • Providing continuous support: Our team is available around the clock.

Cost Savings

By implementing our solutions, you will reduce your operational costs:

  • Reduction of IT resources by automated processes and automatic backups without any downtime
  • Optimized server landscape: increased performance with a reduced number of servers
  • Downtimes minimized (SLA 99.99%)
  • Decrease risks caused by data encryption and hardware failures
  • Reduce hardware costs and achieve flexible scaling

Compliance with Standards
  • Requirements of the NIS-2 directive are met.

Reliable IT Systems
  • Server infrastructure: Ensuring a stable and secure system environment by integrating networks, storage solutions and computing capacities - both on premises and in the cloud
  • Integration of server and backup solutions: A fail-safe infrastructure is guaranteed by automated backup and recovery mechanisms. In addition, we offer protected, external backups that are stored outside the company's own infrastructure to ensure maximum security and data integrity.
  • No downtimes: Ensuring service continuity also during updates and changes
  • Infrastructure monitoring: Implementation of a central monitoring system regarding performance, availability and security

Secure Connections and Data Integrity
  • Firewalls: Protection of networks and connections and optimization of uplinks by load balancing.
  • Advanced firewall functions: Fail-safe firewall with DHCP, DNS, VLANs and routing.
  • VPN solutions: Independent, cost-effective and flexible data connections.
  • Backup solution: Quick recovery in the event of an emergency as a result of strategically planned backups and snapshots.

Network and System Security
  • Implementation of NIS-2 directives: The NIS-2 directive defines new security standards. With our expertise, we will integrate these standards into your IT, ensure NIS-2 compliance and improve your IT security.
  • Network segmentation: Zero Trust Architecture provides a secure IT infrastructure.
  • USV integration: Controlled shutdown and restart of systems in the event of a power failure.
  • Secure LAN & Wi-Fi connections: Providing protected network connectivity for secure data transfer and device connection.
  • Self-managed system: Efficient management with reduced IT resources.
  • Microsoft 365 integration: Perfect combination with on-premise solutions.

Proactive Security Measures
  • Implementation of SIEM systems: Early detection and response to suspicious activity by collecting and analysing log files and other event data.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Secure communication using advanced encryption and authentication methods.

Management, Emergency Plans and Incident Response
  • Service contracts: Guaranteed protection and prompt response times.
  • Emergency plans: Precisely designed emergency plans for all kinds of challenges.


Innovation and technological Progress


State-of-the-Art Technologies
  • Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW): Firewall technology with advanced functions such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), application control and threat intelligence.
  • Zero Trust architectures: Architectures based on the assumption that everything and everyone on the network is potentially threatening and therefore  require stronger authentication and authorization.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Technology for establishing secure connections between remote locations and company resources by encrypting data traffic.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems: Systems for collecting and analyzing log files and other event data from various sources to detect and respond to threats in real time.

Advanced IT Security
  • E-mail signatures and encryption: Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of e-mail communication by implementing e-mail signatures and encryption (OpenPGP, S/MIME).
  • “Infrastructure as Code” implementation: Automation and versioning of the infrastructure configuration for an efficient and consistent provision of resources.
  • Infrastructure monitoring: Infrastructure monitoring to gain real-time insight into the health and performance of systems and to detect potential security threats or failures at an early stage.

Partnership and Expertise in IT Solutions


Firewalls and Server Configurations
  • Experts for your data and systems: Ensuring the protection of your data and the optimal configuration of your systems using our profound expertise in the area of firewalls and server configurations .

Innovative Network Designs
  • Optimization by innovation: Our innovative network designs support the process of optimizing your IT infrastructure and promote efficient business processes.

Comprehensive IT Solutions
  • A wide range of IT solutions for any challenge: Discover the range of IT solutions offered by iMes Solutions to manage any of your IT challenges successfully.

Flexibility and Cost Efficiency in IT Strategies


High-Quality, economical IT Solutions
  • Quality meets economy: We offer IT solutions that are not only economical, but also of high quality and security.

Customizable IT Structures
  • Agility in day-to-day business: Our flexible IT structures support your company in adapting to changing requirements and market conditions in an agile manner.

Scalable IT Infrastructures
  • Growth on demand: Develop IT infrastructures that are precisely adapted to your needs and can be scaled as required.

Effective Reduction of IT Resources
  • Maximum performance, minimum resources: Implement our solutions to effectively reduce your IT resources without sacrificing reliability and performance.

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