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The digitization of manufacturing processes - Industry 4.0 - is placing new demands on man-machine-environment.

Networking and exchange are important elements of digital change within the manufacturing and production world.

Networked exchange between man, machine and ERP system makes production more flexible, transparent and efficient.

The iMes Solutions as a competent and innovative partner is at your side in all phases of your Industry 4.0 project:


  • Status analysis

  • Creation Big Picture & Requirements


  •  Implementation planning of pilot and project management

  • Implementationof pilot

  • Lessons Learned und Rollout Planung

  • Change Management

Digital Shopfloor Management
Consulting - Digital Shopfloor Management

Actual Status

In a first step, our software and IT experts will record the actual situation in your production and IT world.

Status / Process Analysis

  • Interviews with specialists and business process experts
  • Shadowing and interview of productio employees to find out the actual situation/working method/processes
  • Analysis of existing IT systems on the shopfloor
  • Identification of existing shopfloor processes
  • KPI Identification
  • Interface analysis and description (from shopfloor to ERP)

Big Picture & Requirements

In a second step, your requirements will be recorded, analyzed and specifiend.

Creation of Big Picture & Requirements

  • Specification preparation
  • Documention of the process flow, networking of the different processes, description of KPIs of the individual processes
  • Analysis of existing processes in the shop floor. Identification of optimization potential
  • Requirements analysis and interface description
  • Identification and description of project milestones
  • Definition of User Stories (agile development processes)

Implementation Planning of Pilot Pilot and Project Management

In a third step, the commissioning is planned in coordination with IT and production, and the necessary interfaces are implemented.

Preparatio of Commissioning & Interface Implementation

  • Planning of IT commissioning in the production area
  • From planning to implentation of the necessary IT and machine interfaces

Implementation of Pilot

In a fourth step, the Industry 4.0 solution will be realized and implemented.

Realization & Implementation

  • Realization and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Innovative projects
  • Development and rollout of MES systems (shopfloor to ERP)
  • GoLive support on site
  • Recognition and description of ptimizations on the running system up to the integration
  • 24/7 support in regular operation

Lessons Learned and Planning of Rollout

in a fifth step, optimizations for the rollout are detected and described.

Project Retrospective & Rollout

  • Detection and description of optimizations for the rollout
  • Project retrospective: written records and the systematic collection, evaluation and condensation of experiences, developments, indications, errors and risks
  • Planning of rollouts in the shopfloor area
  • Conception and scaling of IT solutions and IT infrastructure

Change Management

In a sixth step, existing solutions will be further developed and optimized.

Optimization & forther Development

  • Optimization and further development of existing solutions

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