Agile Software Engineering

Software Development according to Scrum and Kanban

Agile Software Development according to Scrum and Kanban

We offer individual software solutions wherever standard programs are insufficient or unsuitable.

For a successful and efficient realization of your software projects, we focus on the continuous cooperation of developers, experts and users according to Scrum and Kanban.

We see our customers as part of our team. We offer "software you can touch" - from simple solutions to complex systems.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Regular software updates during the development phase guarantee continuous improvements. They allow adjustments of requirements during the entire development process. The maximization of the product value is our main concern. Regular reviews with an overview of current new developments provide transparency about project progress and costs. The cost control is carried out exclusively by the customer.

experience – transparency – teamwork

Agile software development - individual software solutions
Agile software development - individual software solutions


  • Cost transparency due to clear communication of objectives, milestones and the development methods used (Scrum and Kanban)
  • Development progress can be directly checked
  • New requirements can be adapted at any time during the development process
  • Secure investment as a result of the use of current technologies and open standards
  • Budget control at any time by the customer
  • Use of the many years of experience of the iMes team


  • Project management and agile development methods according to Scrum and Kanban
    • State-of-the-art technology
    • Fast development of prototypes for "live" versions
  • Customer as part of the well-coordinated team
  • Clear, down-to-earth and realistic objectives
  • All possibilities - from the simple solution to complex systems

Cooperation Objectives

  • Customer as part of the team and  contributing to the development
  • Common definition of requirements
  • Prioritisation of task packages
  • Involvement of developers in the operation through contacts with key persons
  • Mutual feedback on the basis of defined reviews


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