Reverse Documentation of Process Control Systems in CFC Presentation

PLSDOC® CFC - Editing and Reverse Documentation of CFCs

Reverse Engineering and Design Function Plans for Siemens PCS7, ABB Freelance, Emerson Delta V


PLSDOC® CFC provides reverse documentation for process control systems in CFC presentation. PLSDOC® CFC has been developed as a future-oriented concept for the reverse documentation of functions plans such as Siemens PCS7 or ABB Freelance. The function plans can be edited with the help of the CFC editor. 

  • Design and editing of funtion plans with the CFC editor
  • Comparison of CFC version statuses
  • Reverse documentation of process control systems in CFC presentation


Funktionspläne, Eidieren von FUPS
PLSDOC® CFC - Editing and reverse documentation of CFCs


  • Automated reverse documentation of process control system software and output in CFC presentation
  • Increased plant security: reduced error rates in reverse documentation result in minimized risks in plant support
  • Transparency due to revision management: traceability of the different version statuses
  • Reduction of running costs: e.g. support for audits or software engineering (pre-planning and monitoring of  implementation)
  • Cost-neutral plant documentation: one single reverse documentation of 3000 measuring points will save more than 750 working hours
  • Support for the migration of process control systems


  • Comfortabe design and processing of function plans with the CFC editor
  • Reading and display of existing logics from the process control systems, e.g. Siemens PCS7, ABB Freelance or Emerson Delta V
  • Customizable CFC library
  • Identification of changes and revision mangement
  • CFC/SFC Delta function: Comparison between CFC versions and the graphical visualization of changes
  • Design and editing of CFC/SFC plans with the CFC editor
  • Import interface for Siemens PCS7, Freelance, Emerson Delta V


  • Central, databased reverse plant documentation in CFC presentation
  • Independent of process control system and scalable
  • Multi-project and multiuser capacity
  • Multilingualism
  • Generation of web-based documents
  • CFC/SFC editing via editor

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