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Reverse Engineering of Step Sequences

PLSDOC® SFC - Reverse Engineering of Sequence Controls

Reverse engineering of function sequences / reverse engineering - Siemens WinCC / SIMATIC PCS 7 Add-On


The PLSDOC® SFC module provides reverse engineering of SFCs resp. sequence controls. The SFC module is a comparison tool for the version status of step sequences (SFC - Sequential Function Chart)  For an increasing complexity and number of step sequences, the automated documentation of step sequences provides enormous advantages. Error-sources can be avoided on one hand and, costs are reduced on the other.


Reverse engineering of sequence controls
PLSDOC® SFC - reverse engineering of sequence controls - documentation / reverse engineering - Siemens WinCC / SIMATIC PCS 7 Add-On


  • Automated reverse engineering of sequence controls resp. step sequences (SFC)
  • ActuaL version status of SFC (step sequences) documentation
  • Direct link from SFCs (step sequences) to measuring point information
  • SFC references in measuring information
  • Increased plant safety due to reduced error-sources
  • Avoidance of multi-processing
  • Paperless working and fast information browsing


  • Reverse engineering of step sequences with graphical input mask and HTML output
  • HTML presentation with step sequence structure, actions and transitions
  • Presentation of sequence controls of any complexity
  • References to EMR cycles by hyperlinks
  • Availability of the plant documentation in the IT world and in SCADA systems (direct integration into the operating and monitoring stations possible)


  • Central database-related plant documentation
  • Generation of HTML documents for each SFC (step sequence)
  • References to other sequence controls by hyperlinks
  • SFC back engineering of Freelance 2000, PCS 7 or Emerson Delta V
  • Company-wide solution