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Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering

The PLSDOC® RE module provides reverse engineering of SIMATIC PCS7 resp. all OPC supporting PCS/PLC systems over the entire plant life cycle.

  • Changes are automatically recorded and documented in a revision history.
  • Central change documentation: changes are immediately recorded and free for central access.
  • Change documentation is transparent and complete.
  • There are no redundancies in documentation.
Reverse Engineering
PLSDOC® RE reverse engineering


  • Increased plant safety due to reduction of error sources
  • Prevention of multi-processing
  • Reversere engineering, documentation of existing PCS/PLC
  • Paperless change recording including comments
  • Documentation of the plant lifecycle
  • Transparent, actual and complete change documentation


  • PLSDOC offers an interface between plant documentation and process control system technique.
  • Changes in PCS/PLC are recorded in real-time, related documents are updated automatically.
  • Availability of the plant documentation in IT and SCADA systems (including the possibility of direct integration into operating and monitoring stations)
  • "On demand" actualization of sequential control /  function charts (SFC) possible


  • OPC connection to the PCS/PLC world: Siemens PCS7 / S7 WinCC, Emerson Delta V, Freelance, ABB 800xA, etc.
  • Special solutions for older systems such as Contronic P, Teleperm M, Advant Master, etc.
  • Monitoring of redundant pairs of servers for reverse engineering and switching over to the redundant server after failure of the active one
  • No data loss in casses of connection failure between OS server and PLSDOC® RE as a result of buffering of change information
  • Actualization of the plant documentation (HTML documents)
  • Central, database-based, company-wide solution