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Plant Historian PM

Predicitve Maintenance 4.0

Plant Historian PM - Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance - Reduction of Downtimes - Saving of Costs

Different fields of application, operation times and intensities of use of machines and equipment have a direct impact on their maintenance cycle and durability.

Maintenance measures are often too early or too late. Maintenance operations performed earlier than necessary will ultimately lead to higher costs. Failure to perform maintenance, however, might result in downtimes in production or even complete machine failure.

Plant Historian PM - Predictive Maintenance - offers support for service and maintenance measures at the right time.  Standstills and failures are prevented. Unnecessary maintenance routines and the associated costs are avoided. 

Predictive Maintanance
Plant Historian PM Predictive Maintenance

anticipatory - reliable - cost-saving


  • Reduced downtimes
  • Anticipatory planning of maintenance measures
  • Planning reliability in production
  • Facililtated capacity planning concerning plant availability, material and staff

Core Features

  • Detection of maintenance tendencies due to data accumulation (Big Data)
  • Control of all maintenance-relevant data
  • Recording of maintenance measures