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Plant Historian MDE/MDA

Machine Data Acquisition

Plant Historian MDE/MDA - Machine Data Acquisition

Machine Data Acquisition: Central Acquisition of technical operating Data


A simple visual display of the recorded machine data and an intuitive operation of the system provide transparency for the  production process and during the CIP (Continuous Improvement Process).

The recorded machine data build the basis for the calculation of different key figures and benchmarking.


controlled - analyzed - archived

Machine Data Acquisition, machine data monitoring
Plant Historian MDE/MDA - Machine Data Acquisition: central acquisition, monitoring and analysis of technical operating data


  • High availability of capital goods as a result of fast troubleshooting
    (monitoring and reporting of the machine status)
  • Controlling, evaluation and archiving of machine data (traceability)
  • Availability of data for the Continuous Improvement Process (CPI)
  • Control of the machine runtime, standstill and productivity (OEE)

Core Features

  • Long-term archiving of machine data
  • Determination of key figures and benchmarking, e.g.
  • Central acquisition of  technical operating data (machine data acquisition)
  • Acquisition of process and production data
  • Transparent machine monitoring and analysis
  • Status overview of all machines, e.g. analysis or operation cycle, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) etc.
  • Immediate alarming in in the event of disturbances via SMS, email or phone
  • Feedback of data to supordinate ERP systems


  • Connection via stadardized interfaces:
    Modbus connection (e.g. via RS485)
    4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
    Standardized OPC connection to the PCS/SPS world

  • Central SQL database, central application server, no client installation
  • Mulitproject and multi-user capability, multilingualism

Central plant overview of decentralized machines like CNC machines, casting machines etc.

Central hall overview of decentralized machines

Central recording, monitoring and evaluation of technical operating data