Plant Historian HMI

Visualization of Manufacturing and Production Processes

Plant Historian HMI - Visualization

Visualization of Production Halls, Process Data and Equipment


Plant Historian HMI - Visualization - offers connection possibilities to any PLS/PLC/ERP system. There are visualization options for alarms & events, process and machine data (e.g. traffic light function for quality, performance, consumption etc.) and OEE-key figures on one single surface. Optimization approaches are identified at an early stage and can be realized sustainably. 

Plant Historian HMI is a company-wide solution with high saving potential with regard to hardware, software licences and maintenance and support costs.


flexible - scalable - centrally connected

Prozess data visualization, production hall visualization
Plant Historian HMI - Visualization of production halls, processes, actual values and more


  • Flexible  plant monitoring (KPI, OEE reporting etc.)
  • Abstract presentation of the plant status and information concentration
    (e.g. traffic light function for machine quality, performance or consumption)
  • Networked presentation  of decentralized machines and production units
  • Transparency due to information concentration (Big Data)

Core Features

  • Flexible dashboarding per drag & drop
  • Personalized layouts
  • Multi screen splitter (up to 4 different views)
  • Visualization of alarms & events, process or machine data, OEE keyfigures etc. on one surface
  • Central collection of technical operating data


Connection via standardized interfaces and protocols:
I/O link
TwinCat I/O
Siemens Sinumerik
M-Bus to TCP/IP
Modbus  connection (e.g. via RS485)
Modbus to TCP/IP
4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
Standardized OPC connection to the PCS/SPS world
SAP Netweaver SOAP

Detailed view of equipment and machines, e.g. evaluation of the alarm duration, OEE key figures and much more

Overview of decentralized machine conditions

Central plant overview of decentralized equipment like CNC machines, casting machines, machine status lights

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