Plant Historian BDE

Laboratory Data Acquisition

Plant Historian BDE - Operational Data Acquisition

Paperless Acquisition of Operational Data

The  MES sofware Plant Historian BDE - Operational Data Acquisition - offers complete data recording, transparency for your production processes, a higher efficiency and an optimal use of ressources.

Qualitative and quantitative operational data acquisition allows detailed recording, visualization, documentation and analysis of production processes - on site, in the control center and via web access.

The integration of Plant Historian BDE is independent of interfaces and manufactureres. An integration into existing ERP systems and an individual adaption to customer requirements is possible without any problems.

LIMS, Laboratoy data information and-management system, Erfassung und Verwaltung von Labordaten und Handwerten
Plant Historian BDE - Acquisition of operational data, laboratory information and management system

paperless - effective - traceable


  • Digital acquisition of operational data supports paperless processing
  • Effective research and traceability concerning measurement entries
  • Automatic data entering with subsequent forwarding of Excel and PDF reports
  • Support for internal and external audits
  • Escalation in cases of limit value violation, indication of procedural instructions and information of the  responsible persons
  • Transparency due to the linking of  trend, laboratory and reporting information
  • Digital checklists - e.g. glass lists - for the food and beverage sector according to ISO 22000

Core Features

  • Operational data acquisition: manual or automated recording of operational data
  • Automatic calculation on value entry
  • Record-related upload and storage of any number of photos (JPEG)
  • Data output in Microsoft Excel or as PDF, entry of actual values into Excel templates


  • Presentation of different file types: float values, status, text, date, references to other data sources etc.
  • Multiuser and multi-project capabilities, scalability, multilingualism
  • Automatic data entry into Excel and PDF reports
  • Central SQL database and central application server, no client installation

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