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Shift Book - New: Trial access as web application

Try Plant Historian SB now as web version

The MES software Plant Historian SB - Shift Book - records shift information completely and in an audit-proof manner along the entire production chain. Times required for recording, reporting and research will be reduced, process quality will be increased, machine utilization is optimized and error costs are reduced.

Benefits of the digital and efficient recording and documentation of shift events:

  • Reduced recording, research and reporting effort
  • Increase in quality
  • Statistical evaluations after classification of error sources  
  • Recording of proposed solutions
  • Use of a multilingual, company-wide, uniform data entry platform with clear IT costs
  • Easy handling (input of text modules, spell check)

Request your free trial access for the shift book web application Plant Historian SB now and convince yourself of the scope of services and functions.

For more information, please, contact Mario Schachinger (mail:, phone: +49 8677 961824)



Electronic Shift Book

Electronic Shift Book

Electronic Shift Book

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