PCS7 Training

Our PCS 7 training courses and workshops can be held either in the training rooms of iMes Solutions GmbH in Burghausen or in-house, depending on the customer's requirements.

The training units are conducted by our internationally experienced PCS 7 trainers. Our training manager himself worked for many years as a PCS 7 coach at the headquarters of  Siemens AG in Karlsruhe.

We tailor our PCS 7 training courses individually to the requirements and needs of our customers - whether PCS7 beginners or PCS 7 users with advanced knowledge.

PCS7 Training Overview

  • PCS 7 System course for beginners - 2 weeks
  • PCS 7 Safety Engineering and Safety Matrix - 3 days
  • PCS 7 SCL - Structured Control Language - programming of CFC blocks with SCL - 1 week
  • PCS 7 Redundancy - 2 days

PCS 7 System Course for Beginners (2 weeks)

  • System architecture and overview of the system components
  • Creation of a new project
  • Hardware configuration (HW-Config and NetPro)
  • Software programming with CFC and SFC (Continuous and Sequential Function Chart)
  • Software development (PID control loops, measurements, valves, motors etc.)
  • Plant View, Component View, Process Object View
  • Operation System (Visualization)
  • Communication/download from "ES" to PLCs and HMIs
  • Process tag types and models
  • Master data library
  • Master graphics (rreate/update block icons of the plant hierarchy)
  • OS server, OS client, OS redundancy
  • Multi-project engineering

PCS7Training for advanced Users (1 week)

  • Measuring point types (IEA) and sample solutions (models) and effective use of the master data library
  • Textual references from Excel tables - automatic connection of plans to each other
  • Creating signal lists for PCS7 with Excel - procedure - project preparation
  • Working with master graphics - automatic generation of visualization dynamics
  • Creating User Defined Objects
  • Working with the APL (Advanced Process Library)
  • Using the Model Predictive Control with multivariable 4x4 matrix in PCS7 with APC/MPC block

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