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iScan WMS

Central administration and collection of warehouse data

iScan WMS

Central administration and collection of warehouse data


iScan WMS - Warehouse Management System - is a central tool created for the collection and administration of warehouse data with the help of barcode scanners. Its characteristics are easy handling, high transparence concerning goods movements, batch traceability and a direct ERP connection.

iScan WMS provides a direct connection to a higher merchandise planning and control system. Basic data are imported from the ERP system and, any changes such as goods movements are reported to the connected system.


Goods management system, central administration of warehouse data
iScan WMS - central administration and collection of warehouse data


  • Transparent system from incoming goods to shipping
  • Gapless documentation of goods movements
  • Up-to-dateness: warehouse stock is always up-to-date
  • Time saving: minimization of material picking/searching time in the warehouse
  • Increase of quality e. g. by using the First In First Out (FIFO) principle
  • Increase of quantity: avoidance of material bottlenecks and expirations
  • Minimization of cost, optimization of warehouse stock
  • Optimization of material disposition
  • Successful implementation due to high acceptance and transparency: easy, clear, intuitive and understandable


  • Access to / import of master data from the ERP system
  • Automatic selection of data concerning goods receipt from the ERP system
  • Automatic documentation of goods movements
  • Overview of current warehouse stock
  • Automatic transfer of relevant data from the ERP system
  • Filtering, grouping, show/hide columns (information) – e. g. grouping depending on warehouse locations, materials, batches
  • Saving of generated visualizations for recurrent evaluations
  • Inventories
  • Tools for permanent and annual inventory
  • History of inventory process (multi-metering)
  • Selection of warehouse areas or locations
  • Check of inventory results against ERP system


  • Connection to a superordinated ERP system
    RFC,BAPI, XML, BizTalk...
    Data import from SAP (master data, goods receipt)
    Data access to SAP
    Feedback of material flows to SAP (goods movements)
  • WLAN connection of mobile barcode scanners
  • LAN connection for fixed scanners and scales
  • Automated reporting via email (PDF, Excel)
  • Client application for users: no installation required
  • Central company-wide solution