Scanner Solutions

Digitalization, recording and administration of warehouse and production data


Digitalization, data recording and administration of warehouse and production data:  iScanprovides direct connection to  higher-level ERP system. Master data and process orders can be imported from the ERP system and, changes like doods movements and consumptions are reported back in real-time.

iScan WMS

Central Administration and Recording of Warehouse Data

iScan WMS - warehouse management system -  is a central system created for the collection and administration of warehouse data by the use of barcode scanners. Its characteristics are easy handling, high transparency concerning goods movements, batch traceability and a direct ERP connection.

iScan WMS supports any warehouse logistics from arrival of goods to shipping.
Goods movements are systematically recorded and documented.
A batch-related management of inventory (First In First Out / FIFO) guarantees high transparency of warehouse processes and guarantees warehouse consistency.

iScan WMS provides a direct connection to higher-level merchandise planning and control system.
Basic data are imported from the ERP system and, any changes such as goods movements are reported in real-time to the connected system.



  • Transparency for warehouse movements from incoming to outgoing goods
  • Cost and time saving as a result of efficient warehousing
  • Increase in quality by using the First In First Out (FIFO) principle


  • Gapless recording of goods movements
  • Grouping bywarehouse location, material and batch
  • Access to / import from data from ERP system
  • tool for permanent and fixed-date inventory

iScan PDM

Central Recording and Administration of Production Data

iScan PDM – production data management –is a central system applied for the acquisition and management of production data with barcode scanners. iScan is easy to handle and provides high transparency, batch traceabiliity and a direct ERP connection.

iScan PDM manages production data starting with goods and material employed and ending with filling and packaging of the final product.Consumptions, deficient products and furher production-relevant data are systematically recorded and documented thus providing a high level of transparency concerning production processes and an assignment of consumptions to the related orders.

iScan PDM provides a direct connection to a higher-level ERP system. Master data, process instructions and orders are imported from the ERP system and, changes such as consumptions and deficient products are reported to the higher-level system in real-time. The direct assignment of consumptions and deficient products to the related process orders facilitates a systematic analysis and optimization of production processes and a reduction of error sources.


  • Transparent production processes and manufacturing
  • Recording and assignment of consumptions and deficient products
  • Detection of bad procedures
  • Reduction of production costs


  • Import of master data from the ERP system
  • Guidance of the plant operator throughout the production process
  • Recording of all production steps
  • Automatic value import, target lists, tolerance check

Mobile Client for SAP® ERP

Simple and safe SAP Data Acquisition/Transfer

Mobile Client for SAP® ERP  provides simple and safe data collection and transfer to SAP via mobile devices. Users need neither an own SAP access nor any special training. The collected data are transferred directly to SAP.

For each single area, there are function-related input masks with simplified data acquisition or standard and custom SAP modules available.
The warehouse worker for example is concerned only with the data relevant for his special area.
Input is intuitive via tablet, smartphone, windows client or - even easier - barcode or RFIDs scanning. Communication between Mobile Client for SAP® ERP and the ERP system is in real time.


  • Data acquisition is reduced to the necessary input fields
  • Plausibility check for collected data
  • Escalation logic is triggered in cases of non-recording or exceeded  limit values
  • From the technical point of view, there is only one single SAP user


  • Direct communication with SAP in real-time
  • Data acquisition via scanner, tablet, smartphone or Windows client
  • Platform independent (Mac, IOS, Windows, Android etc.)

iScan DCL

Simple, reliable und secure data acquisition – with mobile devices

The use of a scanner based acquisition and control system provides security and work relief.
The gapless cyclic data acquisition and control is guaranteed. Defective parts are documented  and immediately reported to maintenance as "work to be done". The result is a workflow which sustainedly optimizes communication among quality management, maintenance and other departments.



  • All documents / lists are available digitally and at any time.
  • Data acquisition is reduced to neceesary input fields.
  • Plausibility check of the recorded data
  • Escalation logic in cases of non-detection or violation of limit values


  • Possibility of data acquisition on site at the plants, even without network connection with subsequent synchronization
  • Data acquisition with scanner, tablet, smartphone or Windows client
  • Platform independence (Mac, IOS, Windows, Android etc.)