Plant Documentation

Technical documentation of industrial plants


PLSDOC® is a plant documentation and service system for industrial plants in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, power plants, sewage treatment plants, petrochemicals and manufacturing industries.

PLSDOC® makes it possible to document SIMATIC PCS 7 or all OPC-supporting DCS / PLC systems over the entire life cycle of the plant or to revise changes. The plant operators benefit from the high availability of the plant know-how and receive support in terms of plant support and quality assurance.

The focus is on securing the system know-how and the provision of operationally relevant documents.

Plant operators and engineering service providers benefit equally.

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PLSDOC® Plant Documentation

PLSDOC® Anlagendokumentation
PLSDOC® – technical plant documentation of industrial plants - provision of operation-relevant documents

PLSDOC® Life Cycle Documentation / documentation tracking

for Plant Operators

Plant operators benefit from a high availability of plant knowhow and get support in facility management and quality assurance.


  • Increased plant availability due to:
    • Securing plant knowhow
    • Direct accessibility in the SCADA world
    • Fast fault identification
    • filing of alarm management procedures
  • Central storage and availability of the entire system documentation
  • Transparency and completeness in change tracking:
    • Automatic revision history
    • Ensuring that plant documentation is up to date
    • Support for operation, production and maintenance:
      • In case of disturbances and training measures
      • Increase the effectiveness of the plant personnel
      • Fast locating of information as a result of paperless work
      • In PCS dokumentation /tracking
  • Reduction of fault sources and avoidance of muliprocessing in plant documentation
  • Company-wide multiuser uand multiprojectable solution


  • Automatic comparison of data from process control systems and specifications, such as:
    • Limit values
    • Control parameters
    • Locking information
    • Measuring ranges etc.
  • automatic generation of operation-relevant documents, such as::
    • Limit value lists
    • Change protocols
    • Specification books
    • IB, FAT, and Loop Check protocols
  • Centralized and standardized documentation of CFCs and SFCs for e.g. PCS7, Freelance, DeltaV, ...
  • MoC (Management of Change): planning,approval and execution of process control changes for PCS7, Freelance, DeltaV, ...
  • NEW: shift book function with direct access to the digital shift book via SIMATIC PCS7 interface
Anlagenrückdokumentation, Reverse Enigneering,
Central and standardized plant documentation of CFCs for PCS7, Freelance and DeltaV
Central and standardized plant documentation of SFCs for PCS7, Freelance and DeltaV

PLSDOC® Project Planning - from specification to mass configuration

for Automation Service Engineers

PLSDOC® project planning offers assistance from the first project step: from the preparation of the tender documents, specification book, automatic generation of FAT/IB change protocols to (mass) configuration of CFCs (CFC - Continuous Function Chart).


  • Standardized and efficient project planning
  • Shorter project planning phases
  • Transparent and complete change documentation
  • Identification of project changes
  • Documentation free of redundancies
  • Avoidance of multiprocessing and fault sources
  • Simple data import from planning and process control systems


  • Provision of the client-specific project documentation
    • Quantity structure / I/O lists
    • Specification book
    • IB/FAT/Loop Check protocol
  • Data import of planning and process control systems
  • Documentation / reverse engineering of SFCs & CFCs
  • Typical- based function plan generation for PCS target systems  such as Siemens PCS7, Emerson Delta V, ABB Freelance
  • Configuration & Update of long-term archiving systems, such as PI OsiSoft, AspenTech IP21,..
  • Generation of bulk files
  • Implementation of I/O assignment
  • NEW: AS Built documentation in CFC and SFC presentation, e.g. for Siemens PCS7, Emerson Delta V and ABB Freelance
Provision of client-specific project documentation such as IB/FAT/LoopCheck protocol
Documentation / reverse engineering of SFCs & CFCs


Reverse Engineering of Process Control Systems in CFC Presentation

PLSDOC®CFC provides reverse engineering of control systems ini CFC presentation. PLSDOC®CFC has been devlopped as a future-oriented concept for tracking e.g. Freelance function plans. Furthermore, the function plans can be processed via CFC editor.


  • Automated plant documentation in CFC presentation
  • Transparence due to vevision administration

Core Features

  • Reverse engineering of process control systems in CFC presentation
  • Design and processing of function plans


Documentation / Reverse enginering of SFCs

The PLSDOC® SFC module provides reverse engineering of SFCs or sequencers. The SFC-D module is used for the comparison of version states of SFCs (SFC - Sequential Function Chart).

With an increasing number and complexity of SFCs, the automated documentation of SFCs is a great advantage. Fault sources in life cycle documentation can be avoided as well as unnecessary costs.


  • Automated reverse engineering of sequencers or SFCs
  • Current version of the SFC documentation

Core Features

  • Reverse engineering of SFCs with graphical editing mask and HTML output
  • HTML presentation wit SFC structure, actions and transitions


Configuration/update of long-term archiving systems

PLSDOC® PI provides configuration and update of long-term archiving systems, such as PI OSIsoft, Plant Historian, Aspentech IP21. Missing tags can be generated automatically, Pi tags filled with default values can be changed retrospectively.


  • Generation of missing PI tags or restrospective change of PI tags
  • Report preview of exported tags
  • Transfer of PI tags to long-term archiving systems

Core Features

  • Generation of missing PI tags or retrospective change of PI tags
  • Report preview of the exported tags
  • Transfer of PI- tags to ong-term archiving systems


Digital Shift Book

PLSDOC® SB provides digital acquisition and processing of shif events. The digital shift book system can be opened directly from the operator's station. Open tasks and the processing status are shown on the control system level.


  • Efficient and paperless delegating of tasks and measures
  • Possibility of data acquisition on site at the plant
  • Improved overview and operability


  • Direct call of the digital shift log via operator interface
  • Display of open tasks in the control system world
  • Automated forwarding of shift reports