Plant Documentation

Technical documentation of industrial plants


PLSDOC® ist a PCS-independent documentation, service and project engineering system for industrial plants in the area of chemistry, pharmacy, power plants, treatment plants and petrochemistry.

Core Features

  • Protection of the plant know-how
  • Automatic data comparison between process control system and specification
  • ƒIncreased plant safety and availability
  • Support for operation, production and maintenance
  • Standardized documentation of CFCs and SFCs

PLSDOC® Plant Documentation

Technical Plant Documentation

PLSDOC® is a PCS-independent documentation, service and project planning system for industrial plants in the areas of chemistry, pharmacy, power plants, treatment plants and petrochemistry.

Plant operators know the problem too well:  manually collected and documented parameters or changes of the limit values are often incorrect or not considered at all. Plant documentation in paper form is often stored several times and in multiple places – documentation maintenance and research requires a lot of time. PLSDOC® reconciliates existing  documentation with actual parameters like limit values, regulations, interlocking information and step sequences in real-time and provides data for central use.


  • ƒƒUpdate of the PCS plant documentation in real-time
  • ƒƒAvailability in IT world and SCADA systems
  • ƒƒReverse documentation of existing systems
  • ƒƒDocumentation of the plant life cycle
  • ƒƒSFC/CFC designer
  • Specification function, supply of the documents relevant for operation
  • Configuration and actualization of long-term archiving systems like Aspentech IP21, OSI-Soft, Plant Historian PDA


Reverse Engineering

PLSDOC® RE provides reverse engineering of  SIMATIC PCS7 and all OPC supporting PCS/PLC systems throughout the entire plant life cycle.

  • Changes are automatically recorded and documented in a revision history
  • Central change documentation: changes are immediately recorded and supplied for central acces
  • Transparent and complete documentation of changes
  • Documentation without any redundancies


  • ƒProtection of the plant know-how
  • Automatic recording of changes
  • ƒPaperless documentation/reverse engineering of existing PCS/PLC systems


  • ƒInterface betwen plant documentation and PCS technology
  • ƒChanges in the PCS/PLC world are documented in real-time


Reverse Engineering of Process Control Systems in CFC Presentation

PLSDOC® CFC provides reverse engineering o fcontrol system in function plan presentation. PLSDOC® CFC has been developed as a future-oriented concept for reverse engineering, e.g. Freelance function plans. Furthermore, function plans can be visualized and edited with the integrated CFC editor.

  • Design and editing of function plans with the help of the CFC editor according to EN 61131-3 / IEC 61131-3
  • Comparison of CFC versions
  • Reverse engineering of process control systems in CFC presentation


  • ƒAutomated plant documentation in CFC presentation
  • ƒTransparency due to revision administration


  • ƒReverse engineering of process control systems in CFC presentation
  • ƒDesign and editing of function plans
  • ƒComparison of CFC versions


Comfortable Planning, Designing and Editing of CFC Plans and SFC Versions

PLSDOC® CFC-D provides reverse engineering of CFCs and SFCs as well as simple and intuitive designing of step sequences and CFC plans.

  • Designing and editing of function plans with CFC ditor according to EN 61131-3 bzw. IEC 61131-3
  • Comparison of different CFC/SFC version with graphical visualization of the changes


  • Reading and visualization of existing logics from existing process control systems
  • Detection of differences, e.g. betwenn planning and implementation status of CFCs and SFCs


  • Comfortable and intuitive designing of CFCs and SFCs
  • Flexible, project-related modular libraries
  • Increased plant safety: as a result of error-free CFC/SFC planning and documentation, the risks of plant commissioning are minimized minimiert


  • Comfortable planning, designing and editing of CFC plans and SFC versions with CFC editor
  • Customizable project library for SFCs and CFCs


Reverse Engineering Step Sequences

PLSDOC® SFC provides reverse engineering of step sequences or sequence controls. The SFC-D module is a tool for the comparison of the version status of step sequences (SFC - Sequential Function Chart).

With increasing complexity and number of step sequences, an automated documentation provides enormous advantages. On one hand, error-sources in life cycle documentation are avoided, on the other hand costs are reduced.


  • Automated recerse engineering of sequence controls or step sequences (SFC)
  • Actual version status of SFC (step sequences) documentationn
  • Increased plant security


  • Reverse engineering of step equences with graphical edit mask and HTML output
  • HTML presentation with step sequence structure, actions and transitions


Design and Editing of Step Sequences

The PLSDOC® SFC Delta module is a tool for the comparison and listing of differences in sequences controls as well as for an intuitive and easy design of new step sequences or step sequence versions for the generation of a PCS programming template.


  • ƒComfortable design tool for step sequences
  • ƒTransparency and cost reduction


  • ƒAutomated reverse engineering of step sequences
  • ƒHTML presenation with step sequences, structure, actions and transitions
  • Intuitive, easy designing of new step sequences


Configuration/Actualization of long-term Archiving Systems

PLSDOC® PI provides the configuration and actualization of long-term archiving systems such as PI-OSIsoft, Plant Historian, Aspentech IP21. Missing PI tags can be generated automatically or, PI tags filled with default values can be subsequently  changed.

All tags to be exported to the PI system can be regarded, printed and checked in a report preview. With the help of the export function, it is possible to transfer the PI tags within a freely configurable CSV file to the long-term archive.


  • ƒAutomatic generation of the configuration files
  • Avoidance of multi-processing
  • Minimization of error-sources


  • ƒGeneration of missing PI tags or subsequent changes of PI tags
  • Report preview of the exported tags
  • Transfer of the PI tags inlong-term archiving systems


Mass Configuration Module

The PLSDOC® MC - mass configuration module - is a tool for the generation and (mass)configuration of CFCs (CFC - Continuous Function Chart). CFCs are generated as tpical layers and configured according to the following parameters:

  • Signal wiring
  • Block comments
  • Measuring ranges and units
  • Limit values and lockings


  • ƒShorter project planning phases
  • ƒStandardized and efficient planning


  • Typical based generation of function plans
  • Data import of planning and process control systems