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Plant Historian OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Plant Historian OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Reduction of unintended Losses and Plant Standstills - Increase in OEE, Plant Efficiency

Plant Historian OEE provides OEE calculation on the basis of the recorded factors.

OEE is the basis for the representation of the added value factor of each individual plant or production line. The management is offered a more differentiated view of the systems and, consequently, on the added value of the entire production.

increase availabilty - reduce downtimes

OEE - Reporting (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
OEE - Reporting (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


Core Features

  • Central collection of technical operating data
    (machine data, production data, messages, disturbances, maintenance data, material consumptions etc.)
  • Transparent control and analysis of the whole plant lifecycle
  • Status overview of all plants and machines
  • Evaluation and classification of downtimes (setup times, maintenance, disturbances, cleaning etc.)
  • Automated OEE reporting


Connection via standardized interfaces:
Modbus connection (e.g. via RS485)
4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
Standardized OPC connection to the PCS/SPS world

Central evaluation of OEE key figures like setup times, maintenance, disturbances, cleaning

Central status overview of all decentralized equipments/machines

Detail overview of machine runtime, standstill, productivity