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Plant Historian RM

Reportingand report management

Plant Historian RM - reporting and report management

Flexible report management with standardized documents


Plant Historian RM - reporting module - is a central tool for the generation of production-relevant reports like shift reports, audit and batch protocols or shipping documents.  Clearly structured reports provide support for internal processes as well as for the cooperation with customers and business partners.

Plant Historian RM offers flexible report manaegment, which is adaptable to any requirements. Recurring reports like shift reports or daily evaluations are sent regularly to predefined recipients.

Report management, flexible documentation system
Plant Historian RM - reporting and report management, flexible report management with standardized documents


  • Right information at the right time for the right recipients
  • Automatic generation and forwarding of KPI and OEE reports
    • e.g. reporting of machine data, laboratory data, process data and production data
  • Standardized report management in Excel or as PDF
  • Use of existing Excel templates
  • Central and company-wide reporting tool
  • Individual reports depending on recipients


  • Forwarding of Excel or PDF reports according to predefined schedules and recipients
  • Automatic filling of report templates, e.g. alarm and event information, machine data, laborataory data and manual values, shift events, graphs, batch information, OEE key figures, ERP/BDE information
  • Connection to different data sources:


  • Central and company-wide solution, no client installation
  • Reports in Excel and as PDF
  • Integration of external data sources (e.g. Oracle and MS SQL databases...)
  • Central SQL database and central application server

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