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Plant Historian PPS

Production planning and control system

Plant Historian PPS - Production Planning Scheduling

Production planning and control system


Plant Historian PPS - Production Planning Scheduling - is a central tool for operative planning and control of manufacturing processes (production control center).

The MES software PPS offers support for the realization of short  process times, deadline compliance, optimal stock quantities and the economical use of  operating material. Plant Historian PPS provides acquisition and transfer of production results (actual data). the collected and transferred data will be considered for the next planning run.

The connection to an ERP system alllows the integration of personal and financial resources.

Production planning, production control
Plant Historian PPS - production planning scheduling - production planning and control system


  • Support for production planning as to customer orders, material and staff
  • Current and in future needed warehaus stock information at the push of a button
  • Order control (deadlines, quantities, providers)
  • Structuring of the manufacturing process
  • Facilitation of the capacity planning with regard to plants, material and staff
  • Detailed scheduling (machine usage plan and procedure sequencing) including priority rules


Production control with order processing sequence according to different requirements
Inventory control based on parts lists, batch sizes, ordered quantities
Lead time scheduling
Time and capacity planning
Inventory control with incoming and outgoing goods under consideration of safety stock, orders and warehouse stock n
Availability check
Order release and progress control
Schedule control (just in time production)


  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Intuitive resource planning with Gantt diagram technology
  • Feedback concerning actual data
    • Creation of a control circuit for production control