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Plant Historian MDE

Machine data acquisition (MDA)

Plant Historian MDE - machine data acquisition (MDA)

Machine data acquisition: central recording, monitoring and evaluation of technical operational data


Plant Historian MDE - machine data acquisition - is a system for central acquisition, monitoring and analysis of machine data. Plant Historian MDE - machine data acquisition - offers gapless acquisition and recording of machine data as well as a transparent visualization of information - thus providing efficient monitoring and evaluation of machines and processes.

On the basis of the recorded data, optimization potentials are disvovered and, processes can be continuously optimized.

A simple visualization of the collected machine data and intuitive system operation ensures transparency in the production process and during the continuous improvement process (CIP). On the basis of the recorded machine data, the calculation of different key figures and benchmarking are possible.

Machine data acquisition, machine data monitoring
Plant Historian MDE - Machine data acquisition: central recording, monitorig and evaluation of technical operating data


  • High availability of capital goods as a result of faster troubleshooting (monitoring and reporting of machine status)
  • Monitoring, evaluation and archiving of machine data (traceability)
  • Supply of data of the continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Control of machine runnig times, downtimes, productivity (OEE/GEFF)


  • Long-term archiving of machine data
  • Calculation of key figures and benchmarkig, e.g.
    • Overall Equipment eFfectiveness (OEE / GAE)
    • Process capability index (Cp / CpK)
  • Central reroding of technical operating data (machine data acquisition)
  • Acquisition of process and production data
  • Transparent monitoring and analysis of machines
  • Status survey on all machines, e.g. analysis of work sequences, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE/GEFF)...
  • Immediate alarming in cases of failure per SMS, email or phone
  • Data transfer to higher ERP systems


  • Connection via standardized interfaces:
    M-Bus to TCP/IP
    Modbus connection (for instance via RS485)
    Modbus to TCP/IP
    4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
    Standardized OPC connection to the PLC/PCS world

  • Central SQL database, central application server, no client installation
    Mulitproject and multiuser functionality, multilingual