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Plant Historian HMI

Visualization of manufacturing and production processes

Plant Historian HMI - Visualization

Visualization of production halls, process data and more


Plant Historian HMI - visualization - allows the generation per drag & drop of different production key figures on a surface:

  • machine data (MDE)
  • visualization of manufacturing and production units
  • alarms and events
  • OEE key figures
  • actual process values
Visualizatio of process data, production halls
Plant Historian HMI - visualization - visualization of production halls, process data and more


  • Flexible plant monitoring (KPI, OEE reporting...)
  • Abstract display of plant conditions and information condensation
    (e.g. traffic light function for display of quality, performance or consumption of a machine)
  • Networked presentation  of  decentralised machine and production units
  • Transparency as a result of information networks (Big Data)


  • Flexible dashboarding per drag & drop
  • Personalized layouts
  • Multi screen splitter (up to 4 different views)
  • Visualization of alarms & events, process  or machine data,
    OEE key figures etc. on one surface 
  • Central collection of technical operating data


Connection via standardized interfaces:
M-Bus to TCP/IP
Modbus connection (e.g. via RS485)
Modbus to TCP/IP
4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP (OPC, Modbus etc.)
Standardized OPC connection to PCS/PLC