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Plant Historian DIG

Digital data acquisition: information and management system

Plant Historian DIG - digital data acquisition

LIMS: Labory information and management system


Plant Historian DIG - digital data acquisition - provides central collection and evaluation of laboratory data and manual values.

Users of Plant Historian DIG benefit from high security concerning data collection and fast response times in cases of limit value violation. The input mask is individually configurable by users without any programming effort. Output of centrally collected data is possible in shift or production reports. Paperless data are channelled in any form of report. Paperless data collection also facilitates research for certrain results.

LIMS, laboratory data information and management system
Plant Historian LAB - laboratory data acquisition: LIMS, laboratory data information and management system


  • Digital acquisition of laboratory and manual values supports paperless working
  • Efficient research and traceability of measured value entries
  • Automatic filling and forwarding of Exel and PD reports
  • Support for internal and external audits
  • Escalation in case of limit value violation as well as indication of process instructions and information of supervisors
  • Transparency as a result of connection between trend, laboratory and signal information


  • Laboratory data acquisition:manual or automated collection of labratory analyses
  • Automatic calculation after value entering
  • Upload and saving of any number of photos (jpeg) to data sets
  • Trend visualization with the related process control system messages and direct indication of limit value violations and laboratory values
  • Calculation tags: tag conection with mathematical operator and functions
  • Data output in Microsoft Excel and as PDF, filling of Excel templates with actual values


  • Visualization of different file types: float values, status, text, date values, references to other file sources etc.
  • Multiuser and multiproject functionality, scalable and multilingual
  • Automatic filling of Excel and PDF reports
  • Central SQL database and central application server, no client installation

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