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Plant Historian AM

Alarm management for more plant safety and transparency

Plant Historian AM

Alarm Management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 und EEMUA 191 - for more plant safety and transparency


The MES software Plant Historian AM – alarm management – is a company-wide applicable central solution for long-term archiving and analysis of messages in process control systems. Comprehensive analysis functions provide a structured procedure with the target of alarm reduction and plant optimization. Sustainable alarm management means reduced workload for the plant staff and increased plant safety. Consistently and at an early stage, optimization approaches are  identified and ca be sustainably relalized.

Systematic alarm management with MES Plant Historian AM - alarm mangement - is an ideal solution for smaller and big enterprises. Company-wide solutions with more than 300 servers are possible without any problem.

Alarm management, alarm management reporting
Plant Historian AM - alarm management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191


  • Increased plant safety due to transparent presentation of alarm and event situations
  • Increased plant availability (OEE)
  • Shorter response times as a result of alarm and event forwarding via SMS, email of phone
  • Support for alarm reduction and less workload for plant staff
  • Automatic KPI reporting according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR NA102 and EEMUA 191 (follow-up and flattering alarms, avaerage alarm rate per operator)


  • Central alarm and event monitoring including linked procedure indications
  • Graphical A&Efrequency analysis and distribution (e.g. top 20 evaluation)
  • Identification of duplicates: indication of alarms occurring several times within +/- 1 second
  • Analysis of follow-up and fluttering alarms
  • Analysis and filter settings for alarms and events depending on user profiles


  • Company-wide, central solution, no client installation required
  • Multiuser functionality, multiproject management, scalable, multilingual, system-independent and PCS independent
  • Standardized interface to PCS/PL world
  • OPC connection for any process control system/control like.:
    • Siemens: Simatic PCS7, S7, WinCC, Teleperm M
    • Emerson: Delta V
    • Honeywell: Experion, FSC102
    • ABB: Freelance, 800xA, Advant Master, Symphony Maestro UX,Contronic P, Contronic E, Operate IT
    • Foxboro: I/A Series
    • HIMA HiMax
    • Invensys Triconex