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First-hand Know-how


In addition to our modular MES software suite Plant Historian, the iMes Solutions GmbH  offers workshops for alarm and energy management, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and Industry 4.0.

  • Workshop Alarm Management
    Increase of plant safety and availability
  • Workshop Energy Management
    Energiy efficiency according to ISO 50001
  • Workshop OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    Increase of efficiency in production and protection of investment
  • Workshop Industry 4.0
    With Big Data to Smart Factory - challenges and chances of industry 4.0
iMes Solutions – Workshops

Alarm Management according to ISA 18.2, NAMUR and EEMUA 191

With the increasing number of alarms and the resulting risks for man, environment
and machines, alarm management has become a subject of high interest.

In our workshop, we identify existing problems and, in cooperation with our clients, we develop solutions for alarm reduction. with the target of a reduction of alarm occurrence. Our MES software Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management presents a sustainbale solution possibility.

The MES software module Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management - increases system availability and safety and, at the same, it raises quality and quantity in production.


  • Alarm reduction
  • Work-relief for the plant staff
  • Faster response times and error avoidance due to procedure instructions personalized alarming
  • Increased plant safety due to shorter communication processes and information supply
  • Optimization of production processes as a result of the identification of bad operating procedures

Alarm management helps to safeguard and increase security, to rise availability and to optimize production processes.

As a an additional support for our MES software module Plant Historian AM, we offer the development of mobile applications.



Questions discussed in the workshop:

  • How many alarms are actually occurring per day/ per employee/ per hour?
  • Is plant security still guaranteed in cases of overflowing alarms?
  • How much time do your employees spend for the processing of unnecessary alarms and messages?
  • Can plant operation be optimized?
  • Kann die Anlagenfahrweise optimiert werden?
  • Can flattering alarms be identified in time?
  • What is the difference between the number of alarms occurring during normal operation and failure times?
  • Do the plant operators know how to react on occurring alarms?


Prior to the introduction of an alarm management software, the following basic aspects and questions should be considered:

  • Which advantages arise from an alarm management system?
  • What is an alarm management system?
  • Comparison of the number of alarms: former situation and today
  • What are the risks of a plant operation without any systematic alarm management?
  • Guidelines and standards: reporting of KPIs according to NAMUR NA 102, ISA 18.2 and EEMUA 191
  • What can be achieved?

Energy Management - Energy Controlling and Monitoring

With the integrated energy and climate program (EKP) and the energy concept approved in 2010, the Federal Government has issued an ambitious bundle of measures concerning climate protection with the following objectives:

  • Increase of economic energy efficiency
  • Strengthening of economic competitiveness
  • Treatment of resources in a responsible manner
  • Increased utilization of  renewable energies
  • Permanent reduction of  greenhouse emissions

As a support for a sustainable energy management according to EN ISO 50001 in your enterprise, the iMes Solutions GmbH offers a workshop for energy management. Basic questions concerning energy management are discussed and answered, including the planning and realization of an energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001.



  • Transparent energy flows
  • Continuous improvement of ernergy-related services by permanent conctrol of energy flows
  • Identification of energy saving potentials on the basis of a profound data analysis
  • Reduction of energy cost and greenhouse emissions
  • Sensitization of the employees
  • Consideration of legal regulations
  • Competitive benefits and improved image
  • Basis for tax benefits
  • Impulses for modernization


  • Which advantages offers energy management?
  • What does energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001 mean?
  • Which saving potentials offers systematic energy management?
  • Guidelines and norms: DIN ISO EN 50001
  • Advantages, possibilities and concrete realization measures of  DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Benefits of the iMes Solutions MES software Plant Historian EM - Energy Management


As a support for a sustainable and efficient energy management, the iMes solutions GmbH offer their MES software Plant Historian EM, which is certified by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Another support tool represents the Plant Historian Energy Management App.

Increase in Productivity with OEE

Losses due to plant downtimes or excessive maintenance times as well as unexplored efficiencies offer great potentials.

In order to be able to use these potentials, it will be essential to identify, analyze and, finally, reduce deficiencies in availability, performance and quality - the determination of the socalled Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is ideal as KPI - for control and analysis purposes of plant performance.


  • Optimization of plant productivity
  • Support for plant staff
  • Avoidance of quality losses
  • Transparent manufacturing processes
  • Continuous improvement of internal processes


  • Sustainable production optimization with the help of OEE
  • Areas of application
  • OEE calculation
  • OEE analysis
  • Reporting
  • Introduction to the MDE (machine data acquisition) and OEE software of the iMes Solutions GmbH  -  Plant Historian OEE - overall equipment effectiveness
  • Case Study: steps to increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Considerations concerning the introduction of OEE to operational practice

Workshop Industry 4.0 - with Big Data to Smart Factory

MES software solutions as an enabler for Industry 4.0

For many enterprises, the change to industry 4.0 represents a great challenge. But what does industy 4.0 mean in practical application? And which advantages can be expected?

The initial situation often turns out to be as follows: the production data  collected are not transparent, incomplete and make the continuous improvement process difficult. The documentation of the production processes is time and effort consuming and error-prone. The lack of data availability is a handicap for effective communication - within the company as well as within the departments.

This is exactly where the iMes Solutions workshop "Industry 4.0" takes over. Together with our clients, we will identify those points in your enterprise processes, where action is necessary and, will prepare your company for the tasks and challenges of industry 4.0.

The recognition and the use of the chances of industry 4.0 will provide transparency, plant safety, security and availabilty in your enterprise.

In a dialogue with our MES experts, you will which optimization potential your enterprise offers.

Our MES software solution Plant Historian will make your production more transparent, more efficient and investment safe.


  • Identification of potentials for optimization
  • Solution-oriented communication exchange
  • Transparent manufacturing processes
  • Investment protection
  • Plant safety
  • Continuous improvement of internal processes


  • What does industry 4.0 concretely mean in practice?
  • Which advantages arise from the application of industry 4.0 solutions?
  • Which role do MES software solutions play for industry 4.0?
  • Where and why do losses occur?
  • What are the most important cost drivers in production?
  • Resources and time saving production processes with MES software solutions with regard to industry 4.0.
  • Challenges and chances for entrprises (quality, availability, performance)
  • Identification of fields where action is required


The workshop is scheduled for one day, but can be extended according to any client requirements.