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iMes IT Security

Security for your IT Environment

iMes IT Security

How safe and secure are your computer systems / networks - iMes security concept for industry 4.0


The number of reported security incidents in the area of information and communication has risen considerably during the past few years. Often, the companies are not aware of the security gaps and the risks involved - internal results of research, product developments and client data are vulnerable.

The iMes Solutions GmbH offer support for IT security, IT penetration tests (IT security analysis), IT forensics, IT risk management according to ISO 27001 and data recovery.


Security for computer systems
Security for computer systems

IT Penetration Test

The iMes IT penetration test checks your computer systems and networks thoroughly. The iMes IT penetration test reveals all kind of possible security gaps and vulnerable points in your system and network.

IT Forensics

IT forensics deals with the preservation of digital traces and evidence, analysis and data recovery.

IT Vulnerability Analysis vs. IT Penetration Test

A sustainable IT security concept comprehends vulnerability analysis as well as an IT penetration test.
But where are the differences between vulnerability analysis and IT penetration test?

IT Penetration Test - Security Check for your System

Global networking has brought a revolution to the computer world. But together with  the increasing technical possibilities, there has been an a continuous rise of the resulting  threats. For many companies, computer safety and  security have become vital factors – results of research or own product devlopments on internal servers are very tempting for virtual thieves from all over the world. In order to be able to defend oneself against virtual attacks, it is necessary to understand the operating modes of hacker attacks.

A professional penetration test is an elementary part of each security audit. It checks your system systematically for vulnerable points and security gaps - a procedure which basically corresponds to the procedure of a hacker attack.