Workshops, specifications, engineering and IT security


The iMes Solutions GmbH has been developing industrial software applications for more than 20 years. In addition to our innovative software solutions for the MES, control and automation areas, we offer a variety of services.

Range of Services: Digital Shopfloor Management Systems

Our consulting services for the area of digital shop floor management

  • Analysis of the actual situation

  • Establishment of the Big Picture & requirements

  • Plan for the realization of pilot and project management

  • Realization of the pilot projects

  • Lessons Learnend and rollout schedule

  • Management of change


In addition to our modular software suite Plant Historian, the iMes Solutions GmbH also offers workshops for alarm and energy management as well as for OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and industry 4.0.

Automation Technology

We offer support for the generation of specifications, bulk files, documentation and coninuous reverse engineering of control systems.

  • PCS7 training
  • PCS documentation / reverse engineering
  • PCS configuration
  • PCS migration

Application Development

The efficient and safe processing of large data volumes by several persons requires the use of database systems.
The iMes Solutions GmbH offers programming know-how for different database requirements:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle

Our client-specific software solutions include the development of mobile applications as a support for alarm and energy management as well as for programming with C#/VB.NET.

CAE Migration to Comos PT

We offer support for data transfer of existing data to Comos PT, including  data preparation, consolidation and standardization, data import and Comos-compliant creation of measuring points, actuators, sensors and devices.  We take effective corrective measures, check the results and make a review of the activities performed.

SAP Consulting

We offer support for the implementation of SAP projects and optimization processes. Our core competences are logistics, material management and asset accounting. 

As a coordinator or manager of SAP projects, we offer services throughout the entire project management process: from planning to implementation.

SharePoint Support

Microsoft SharePoint is a Microsoft web application providing support for project planning, project management, internet and intranet portals, content management and the administration of social media tools. SharePoint picks up actual IT trends and transforms them into the corresponding functionality.

We offer advice for the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint, from planning to implementation. We offer support for the use and optimization of existing SharePoint environments.

iMes IT Security

The iMes Solutions GmbH offers support for IT security, IT penetration tests, (IT security analysis),  IT forensics, IT risk management according to ISO 27001 and data recovery.

The number of reported security incidents in the information and communication sectors has risen enouormously during the past few years. Enterprises are often not aware of the existing  security gaps and the related risks - internal research results, product developments as well as client data are vulnerable. Just benefit from our security concept for data security in your company.

IT penetration test

The iMes IT penetration test checks your computer system and networks thoroughly. The iMes IT penetration test  reveals possible security gaps and weak points in your systems and network.

IT forensics

IT forensics deals with digital evidence, analysis and data recovery.

IT vulnerability analysis versus IT penetration test

A sustainable IT security concept contains both, vulnerability analysis as well as IT penetration test.

Apps: Mobile Application Devolopment

The iMes Solutions GmbH developer team offers mobile applications as a support for the MES area. Mobile applications bring more efficiency into operational procedures, as data access and processing is possible from everywhere.

There are numerous fields of application. For alarm and energy management this means access to master data, communication and delegation among the staff, fast overview of statistical analysis and charts etc..