Simple Connect – Overview of your entire Equipment – device-independent and scalable

With more than 20 years of experience in  the area of industrial interfaces and machine connections, iMes Solutions offers a central and scalable software solution for the connection and visualization of your entire equipment (Siemens S7, Siemens Sinumerik, Beckhoff, B&R, CNC milling machines, impellers, weighing units etc. )

Quick & Easy

  • Central connection of decentralized equipments
  • Connection of different manufacturers
  • Fast and easy networking of equipments
  • Visualization of equipments, processes, production halls etc.


Overview of your Equipment

  • All machine data available - centrally and in real-time
    • Networked display of decentralized machine and production units
    • Central visualization of KPIs
    • Abstract presentation of machine data (e.g. traffic light function for machine quality, performance or consumption)

Scalable & Configurable

  • Adding of any kind of new PCS/SPS machine components
  • No programming effort necessary - customer reuqirements will be realized via configuration
  • Memory capacity is expandable at any time
    • Extensions without any downtimes


Interfaces/Protocols - flexible, scalable & manufacturer-independent


Use of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) for an access to different relational databases in local and remote networks.  Access via ODBC standard interface.

  • OPC UA

Manufacturer- independent communication protocol for industrial automation applications.

  • OPC DA

Connection, especially for the machine level to SPS, PLC, but also ERP/MES for data exchange in real-time.

  • OPC AE

Connection to any system for the recording and processing of alarms and events.

  • Sinumerik

Connection to the Siemens Sinumerik CNC control.

  • Patlite

  • Balluff

  • I/O-Link

  • TwinCat I/O

  • M-Bus to TCP/IP

  • Modbus connection e.g. via RS485, Modbus to TCP/IP)

  • 4-20 mA or 0-20 V to TCP/IP




  • ASCII/File

Sending and receiving data by reading or writing ASCII files. Automatic evaluation of data in the network possible (file share). Very high flexibility of the data exchange and application-specific solutions for external systems.

  • XML

Presentation and exchange of hierarchically structured data via text file, readable by machines and by humans.

  • JSON

Data exchange, especially for web application and mobile apps in relation with JavaScript, Ajax or WebSockets

  • SAP Netweaver SOAP

  • SAP PI


Our USPs - Unique Selling Points

For 20 years specializing in the connection and networking of technical equipments, process control and ERP systems:

  • Status analysis / specification/ conceptioning/ budgeting
  • Agile product/application development according to Scrum
  • Customer training and workshops, e.g digital shopfloor management systems (OEE, smart factory in a few steps), alarm management according to ISA 18.2
  • Innovation provider for KI solutions
  • Support and maintenance (24/7 possible)
Industrie 4.0 Partner iMes Solutions, Industrie 4.0 solutions

Benefits Industry 4.0

Digitization - Paperless Working

  • Digitization, paperless working, error-free to the highest possible extent
  • Digital recording of production lists (control sheets, checklists, control charts etc. )
  • Digital recording of shift events in digital shift books
  • Connection to external systems
    • Connection to SPS/PCS systems for data recording
    • Connection to ERP systems like Mobile Client for SAP® ERP
    • Connection to Plant Historian to the internal production data acquisition system
  • Connection of analysis and measuring devices 

Quality Management

  • Reduced preparation time for audits
    • Due to the automatic and digital acquisition of values, all relevant information is immediately available
  • Basis for the coninuous improvement process (CIP), exploitation of optimization potential
    • Transparent presentation of process data and key figures (KPIs) in tables and charts
    • Automatic reporting of the required KPIs (downtimes, disturbances, quantities etc.) to different recipients
Zentrale Visualisierung von Prozess-Istwerten, Alarmen & Events, Qualitätsdaten
Central visualization of actual process values, alarms and events, quality data

Efficient communication

  • Improved communication: smooth and effective exchange of information among the shifts, departments, auditors, providers and customers
    • Interdepartmental discussion based on facts and figures
    • Early information for maintenance
    • Support for customer audits (minimized time effort)
    • Information at the touch of a button
    • High resource commitment of persons in higher positions is no longer necessary

Towards the Fourth Age of Industrial Revolution - accompanied by the iMes Solutions GmbH

The digitization of manufacturing processes - Industry 4.0 - places new demands on man - machine - environment.

A modern and digital production requires:

  • an intelligent information network
  • information that is available at any time - correct, without any ambiguity and needs-based
  • networking among man - machine - object - system

There are a variety of Industry 4.0 options in the production area:

  • digitization (paperless working)
  • predictive maintenance
  • prospective production
  • AI - artificial intelligence: machine learning, pattern recognition
  • transparency of plants and production due to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


The way to Digital Production - Smart Factory


Recording, digitizing, collecting
Transparent availability of data (Big Data)


Information on demand
retrieved from data

(e.g. pattern recognition, data mining)


Network information exchange
between human - machine

(Smart Factory, artificial intelligence)


Continuous optimization process of the entire value chain

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