Success as a result of cooperation and inovation


iMes Solutions GmbH - cooperation Partners

Strong partners for strong solutions

ATIP Group Ltd.

Automation Technology in Industrial Plants

The ATIP Group Ltd. is a highly motivated team consisting of PCS engineers - experienced in Siemens Automation Systems with SCADA/PLC and DCS solutions.

„We vitalise process industry"

… we develop and implement process control systems and software.

… we have an excellent relationship with our clients and partners in order to achieve the high quality of our products and services.

Flexibility, fast service and quality are the main characteristics of our self-imposed task to meet any requirement of our partners on the highest possible level.


Our technology partner for hardware

The Datafox company develop and produce innovative systems for electronic data acquisition, which are able to increase eceonomic efficiency. Continuous development has made the German enterprise technology leader in the area of embedded systems for time and data recording. Datafox offer a wide range of  ergonomic and practice-oriented, mobile or fix terminals for data acquisition and solutions for access control.

Seven reasons for our partnership with the DATAFOX GmbH

  1. Brand quality: made in Germany
  2. Easy handling: free parameterization with Datafox Studio, drivers and services for data transfer, facilitated installation
  3. Scalability& multiple options: basic device and a variety of equipment options
  4. Short delivery times: 4 – 5 working days for all devices in the equipment as desired
  5. Price/performance: very good
  6. Wide product range: robust, practice-oriented devices for all tasks in the area of time/data recording and access control
  7. Cooperation based on partnership