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Industry 4.0 - Gain value added information out of existing data

In order to be able to identify and analyze any occurring process disturbances and to optimize  information flows, the manufacturer of aluminium wheels, Borbet Austria, decided to implement the MES software solution Plant Historian.


Task specification:

The desired objective in this company running in three-shift operation was the early recognition of optimization potentials. In a first step, it was necessary to record any kind of relevant production data and make them available  for analysis and evaluation even in retrospect (traceability). The communication within internal departments as well as with clients and suppliers had to be conceived as solution oriented and efficient. In a second step, 65 existing excel files had to be prepared for automatic fill. Additionally, any kind of shift event had to be documented and forwarded to the responsible persons directly after the end of a shift. Another objective was to reach more efficiency in the preparation of client audits, especially a considerable reduction of the time spent. An early error identification should lead to improved production processes - in accordance with the suppliers and the maintenance personnel - and to a gapless documentation of the availability of existing and new production units.


Project targets:


Implemented modules:

Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management
Plant Historian PDA - Process Data Archiving
Plant Historian RM - Report Management
Plant Historian SB - Digital Shift Book
Plant Historian LAB - Laboratory Data Acquisition



After the implementation of the iMes Solutions Plant Historian software, data are availabe and evaluable. Optimization potentials can be identified. Automated  reporting enables automatic and correct reports. Production relevant data are available immediately after the end of a shift. Shift reports are sent to predefined recipients. The optimization of communication within and outside the company guarantees a transparent information flow. Research and data retrieval efforts have been reduced by 90% since the introduction of Plant Historian. Laboratory data and manual values are collected digitally and  can be edited ad hoc. The presence of key figures at the press of a button replaces time consumptive audit preparations. The high acceptance by the employees underlines the usability of the MES software solution Plant Historian.


The above mentioned measures have lead to a transparent, time and ressource saving production process with considerably improved quality and increased competitiveness for the enterprise.