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We realize the digitization of your maufacturing and production processes

Benefits Industry 4.0

Digitization - paperless working

  • Digitization - paperless, fault-free working to the greatest possible extent
  • Digital collection of production lists (control sheets, check lists, control charts …)
  • Digital  collection of shift events in digital shift books
  • Connection to external systems
    • Connection to PLC/PCS systems for data recording
    • Connection of Plant Historian to the internal shop floor system
  • Connection to analysis/measuring devices

Quality management

  • Reduced preparation effort for audits
    • The automatic and digital collection of values results in an immediate availability of all relevant information
  • Basis for the continuous improvement process, exploitation of optimization potentials
    • Transparent presentation of process data and key figures (KPIs) in tables and charts
    • Automatic reporting of the necessary KPIs (standstills, disturbances, quantities etc.) to different recipients

Efficient communication

  • Improved communication: trouble-free and efficient information exchange among shifts, departments, companies, auditors, providers and clients
    • Communication among the departments is based on facts and numbers
    • Information on maintenanc at an early stage
    • Support for client audits (minimized time effort)
    • Information available at the touch of a button
    • High time commitment of persons in higher positions no longer necessary

Towards the Forth Age of Industrial Revolution - accompanied by iMes Solutions

Digitization of manufacturing processes - Industry 4.0 - means new challenges for the man-machine environment at the same time.

Modern and digital production requires

  • an intelligent information network
  • information which is available at any time and prepared correctly, free from interpretation and based on needs
  • man-machine-object-system networking

There is a variety of  possibilities for Industry 4.0 in production :

  • Digitization (paperless working)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Prospective Production
  • Artificial intelligence: machine learning, recognition of patterns
  • Transparency of plants and production as a result of  OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


Company Profile Our Industry 4.0 Solutions

Our USPs (unique selling points)

From consultation, specification and realization to training and service (maintenance and support):

  • Status analysis / preparation of specifications / conceptual design / budgeting
  • Product/application development
  • Client training and workshops
  • Innovation provider for e.g. KI solutions
  • Support and maintenance (24/7 possible)

The way to digital production - Smart Factory


Recording, digitizing, collecting
Transparent availability of data (Big Data)


Information on demand
retrieved from data
(e.g. recognition of patterns, data mining)


Networked information exchange
between man - machine
(Smart Factory, artificial intelligence)


Continuous optimization process of the whole value chain