MES Software Plant Historian - Innovations

Plant Historian - Product Innovations and Developments

In this section, you will find regular information on product innovations and developments of our MES software solutions.

Mobile Client for SAP® ERP

overall equipment effectiveness, OEE,


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Plant Historian AR - Alarm Rationalization



More information on Plant Historian AR - Alarm Rationalization

Plant Historian OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness


More information on Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Plant Historian HMI - Visualization

Plant Historian HMI - Visualization


More information on HMI - Visualization

Plant Historian AM - Alarm Management


More information on Alarm Management

Plant Historian LAB - Laboratory Data Acquisition


More information on Laboratory Data Acquisition

Plant Historian SB - Electronic Shift Book

  • Plant Historian SB now also as web solution - without any special installation and worldwide usable
  • the electroic shift book can be both rented or bought
  • new extension module: personnel deployment and vacation planning
  • compliant to ISO 27001  - secure data collection, storage and processing of information

More information on shift book

Plant Historian PPS - Production Planning Scheduling

  • support of production planning with regard to client orders, material and staff
  • warehousestatus and need information at the push of a button
  • order control (deadlines, quantities, suppliers)
  • structure of the manufacturing process
  • support of capacity planning with regard to plant availability, material and staff
  • detailed planning (machine occupation and process planning) including priority rules

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Plant Historian PTT - Production Tracking & Tracing

  • Tracking & Tracing – traceability of collected process data
  • error-free material flow
  • planning and control of material flow
  • right material with predefined process parameters  - quantity and quality –
    (e.g. temperature, quantity etc.) to the right production unit
  • process security and transparency

More information on Procution Tracking & Tracing