iMes IT Security - Security analysis and IT penetration test

How safe are your computer systems/networks - iMes IT security concept for Industry 4.0

IT Security Concept for the Protection of Company Investments and Data

IT Security and IT Seccurity for Industry 4.0 - BIG DATA


The number of reported security incidents on the information and communication sector has experienced extremely rapid growth in the past few years. Very often, companies are not aware of the security gaps and related risks - internal research results, product developments and customer data are threatened.


iMes Solutions offers support for your company's IT security - with IT penetration tests, IT forensic, IT risk management according to ISO 27001 and data recovery.

IT Penetration Test

iMes penetration test offers a profound examination of your computer system and network - revealing any kind of security gap and weak points in your systems and networks.

IT Forensic

IT forensic deals with digital evidence and trace processing, analysis and data recovery.

IT Analysis of weak points vs. IT Penetration Test

A sustainable IT security concept includes a tool for the analysis of weak points as well as the IT penetration test. Where are the differences?